Naxals Brutally Attacked and Killed CRPF Men Including Jatin Gulati (Assistant Commandant)

Jatin Gulati, Assistant Commandant and many more CRPF jawan were killed in Naxal attack in Chhattisgarh’s Narayanpur district. This attack caused the death of around 27 CRPF[Central Reserve Police Force] brave men who sacrificed their life for us, so that we take sound sleep, so that we live our life without any fear. We have ever thought that these soldiers also have families. There families wait for them in each moment of happiness to celebrate with them. When they get their brave children dead bodies wrapped in the Tricolor, they feel proud of them, but in reality they are sad as their happiness is gone forever. We should also be proud of each soldier as we are safe today only because of them.

On Tuesday near Chhattisgarh, CRPF Jawan’s were brutally attacked by approx 200 Naxals when a 63-member security contingent was returning on foot by road from duty. Naxalites were fully prepared with a plan and were also well equipped with heavy weapons. Their main aim was to loot the army weapons and terrify the Jawans. Some of them were sitting on trees and waiting for CRPF Jawan’s to take any action and remaining were on the hilltop. The naxals on the hilltop attacked first with automatic weapons. As CRPF men took their positions, the one sitting on trees started firing bullets and diverted all Jawans from their targets. They Killed 27 CRPF jawans very brutally as they shot 3-4 bullets in each Jawan’s body, smashed their heads and even opened throat slit.

Naxal's Brutally Attacked and Killed CRPF Men Including Jatin Gulati (Assisstant Commandant)
Jatin Gulati CRPF Jawan Assistant Commandant Killed In Naxals Attack
Police believes that both sides have severe damages, in fact Naxal’s have more. They believe that around 14-15 Naxalites were also killed and many of them were injured in cross firing. But the police was unable to find a single Naksalvadi’s dead body as Naxals are known to carry away the dead bodies of their members with them.

Jatin Gulati (Assistant Commandant) went to Narayanpur in Chhattisgarh to join force for combating civil terrorism after completing his training in Assam. Jatin Gulati was feeling proud and happy on joining force. Uma Gulati, Jatin Gulati’s mother said that her son was a brave and fearless soldier not only in words, but he proved in the real battlefield as well.

Tilak Raj, one of the CRPF jawans from 39 Battalion like Jatin Gulati was serving CRPF from many years. When his family got the news that he was injured in the Naxalite attack, they all were worried as he was the first one who joined army in their family. His father is a pujari in Shiva temple in Patna. His brother is working in a private company and his mother and wife are home-makers. When they saw him wrapped in the tricolor, his wife Shalu was not ready to believe that he is no more and continuously murmured words that he promised her to call again. She was just dumb and shocked.

Some of CRPF Jawans who sacrificed their life including Jatin Gulati are listed below:

1. Jatin Gulati
2. Tilak Raj
3. Neeraj Kumar
4. Samir Oran
5. Arjun Goyari.
In the end I just want to say –
Salute all Soldiers[CRPF Jawans] who saved our lives on cost of their own lives, Salute those families who sacrificed their son and happiness to safeguard our happiness. But why are we always fighting, sometimes with other country and sometimes within our own country. Off course war brings a short term security but at the cost of many brave soldier’s life.



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