Increase and Improve Computer Performance and Speed

To improve computer performance in terms of speed, you have to make your computer free of bulk garbage that it contains in its hard disk in the form of files, documents, videos, audios, viruses etc. There are many articles online before mine to improve computer performance and speed but I shared my way. Problems always occur in the system, but every problem has a solution. Here are 11 tips to increase your computer speed, I hope these steps will help you to increase and improve computer performance and speed but it is hard to say that which technique will improve computer performance for you.

Steps to increase and improve computer performance and speed:

1. Clean the Desktop
Some people love to save all files on their desktop, but actually this habit lower down the performance of your system and make your desktop screen clumsy. So, its good to remove all unnecessary icons or shortcut from the desktop.

2. Hardware Configuration is Sufficient
The application or program that require very high configuration of hardware and you try to run on configuration less then requirement. Then may or may not be the application execute. In case it execute it will not be showing result properly. So always check the hardware requirement before installing the application in your system.

Improve Computer Performance and Increase Speed
Improve Computer Performance and Increase Speed
3. Check for Virus, Malware, Spyware
Viruses are the unknown program that grab all the speed of your computer by using files, document, sometimes they download and upload files and you not aware of that. So always scan your system properly for all such programs.

4. Check for Disk Error
You can use this tip regularly after a fixed interval , Check Disk program will check the bad sectors in hard disk and any problems occurred in hardware and try to remove it.

5. Disk Cleanup
Its the utility program that is used to cleanup all disk garbage like temporary files, cache, cookies etc. It will boost up the performance of your system.

6. Disk De-fragmentation
It De- fragments all the fragmented blocks of files stored on the hard drive and rearranges them to increase the speed of your computer.

7. Registry Cleaning
It will clear all the registry logs maintained in your computer by the operating system generated for each and every program, process, thread and application.

8. Uninstall Unused Programs and Applications
We often download and installed programs and applications direct from internet or through set up. But we never take a note of what additional program and application is being installed with the main software. So we can avoid installing these additional or bonus programs like tool bars, scanning software’s etc. Also we can check the programs and applications that we don’t use and uninstall them right away.

9. Update Operating System
Updating the operating system keeps your computer up to date with several hot fixes and protects from vulnerabilities.

10. Update Antivirus
We always use cracked versions of antiviruses, we should never use cracked versions. Either use the free and trial versions or go for the paid versions which is recommended. Updating the antivirus daily keeps the computer free from infections spread by viruses. It also protects your computer from the attack of intruders by various newly generated exploits.

11. Tune Up Utility
Its a Layman’s Application to perform most of the actions mentioned above to keep your computer up and running with the best speed it can deliver. Tune Up Utility has functionalities like Disk Cleanup, Disk De-fragmentation, Registry Cleanup, Registry De-fragmentation and many more to increase and improve computer performance and speed.



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