Time to Change some Habits to remain Healthy and Fit

In daily life we are habitual of doing things in a wrong manner which are in future proves to be harmful. So now it’s time to change some habits for your good health. To remain fit, healthy and disease free try to improve your habits.

Important Tips to remain Healthy :

1. Always answer phone by Left Ear instead of right ear
2. Do not drink coffee Twice a day
3. Do not take medicines with cool water
4. Do not have huge meals after 5 in evening
5. Reduce the consumption of oily food, junk food, chocolates and Ice creams
6. Drink more water in the day, less at night

Time to Change some Habits to remain Healthy and Fit
Time to Change some Habits to remain Healthy and Fit
7. Always try to maintain distance from your mobile chargers
8. Do not use earphones/ headphones for long duration of time at loud music
9. Best Sleeping time is from 10 at night to 6 in the morning
10. Do not lie down immediately after taking medicines before sleeping
11. Include morning walk/ yoga / exercise in your daily schedule
12. When battery is down to last bar, never answer any call as radiations are 1000 times more.
13. Never eat anything before / after half an hour of exercise.


  1. Thanks for your valuable points. I would like to add on more point. Which, in today’s world are missing very badly. The point is Eat Breakfast. Yeah, many of them missing the Breakfast. Reasons may be anything, don’t skip breakfast!

  2. A nice list of important but yet ignored basics in life. i am definitely going to keep these tips in mind and change my habits. Happy to be informed before its too late. Need of the hour is to stay fit.

  3. This is a nice list GeekNoob. I would definitely give these a try to stay fit.

  4. This is a nice article and now is the ideal time to change a few propensities for your great well being to stay fit, solid and ailment free attempt to enhance your propensities.


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