Human Service is the True Worship of God

Serving Humanity is the Best Way to Worship God : Once there was a very rich person. He was the owner of many factories and businesses. He was very hard-working and for him work was worship. He did not believe in God. One day, he was suddenly feeling ill. He went to the doctor. Doctor prescribed him some test and medicines. After all this, he was still feeling unwell. He was failing to understand what had happened to him. In night, he took the sleeping pill. But he was not able to sleep and continuously felt restless. Around 3 in the morning, he decided to take a walk in the garden for some fresh air. After 2-3 rounds, he felt a bit better and then decided to walk outside of his house. While walking, thousands thoughts came in his mind. Due to this, he came very far from his home and was very tired, so he sat on the boundary of the nearby house. There he felt so relaxed, so he decided to sit there for some time.
Suddenly a dog came and took his slipper in his mouth. The rich man ran after the dog. Dog entered in some tent house and left his slipper there and ran away from there. The rich man took long breath and wore his slipper. During this, he heard sound of someone’s crying. He looked around, suddenly sound became stronger and he realized it came from one of the tents there. He looked from the hole of the tent.
What he saw > A women was crying very badly and begging to God for His Help. The rich man tried to ignore this and move towards his home. He thought, if someone saw him here, will definitely think wrong about him. As he moved few steps, he started thinking about that women; Why was she crying? What had happened to her? What all pain she was going through? Because of all these thoughts, the rich man was not able to move further and he listened to his heart.

Human Service is the True Worship of God
Human Service is the True Worship of God

The rich man knocked at the door of that tent house. That poor woman opened the door and got frightened by seeing some stranger at her door. The rich man requested her, please don’t shout, I will not harm you. I was passing by your tent and heard you crying. Just wanted to know why are you crying?

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Service to mankind is worship to God :

By seeing rich man empathy, women couldn’t stop herself from showing her grief and tears came out of her eyes. She removed blanket covered over her daughter and told him – she is very ill and doctor said that treatment is very expensive and needs lot of money to cure her disease from root. She told that “I work as a maid in homes and earn very less which does not even fulfill our daily needs; then how can I arrange such amount”.
The rich man suggested her to ask for help from friends, relative and people she knew, instead of crying. On this woman replied that “I tried a lot, I asked for help but everyone is afraid of loosing all the money as I had nothing to give them as a security”. Rich man said angrily, will you get money if u cry in front of God(Idol) at midnight. As the rich man did not believe in God, he believed in his work. For him work was worship.

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Women told the rich man that yesterday night, one priest crossed by my tent and told me to beg from God for help. He said that God helps everyone who is in need, He will surely help you. Now I had no other options open, so I was praying to God to send some help for my little daughter.
When rich man saw woman and her daughter’s pain; he got emotional, his heart filled with sorrow. He called for an ambulance and admitted that little girl in hospital. The rich man took all the responsibility of expenses and asked doctor to treat her well and never bother for money, just cure the little girl’s disease. He asked doctor to give her the best treatment possible and save her life.
He gave job to that poor woman, gave servant quarter to live comfortably and also took responsibility of the little girl’s education.
Rich man believed in hard work not in God. But on that day thousands of thoughts came to his mind. How did I stopped feeling restless as I called an ambulance? Is there any supernatural power who took me there? Is this the Power we know as God? If this is God, then why people were fighting among themselves for caste, color, religion, etc? I never asked caste and religion to that poor woman, I just felt her pain and helped her. Now rich man learned that human service is as much important as your hard work, as he never felt this much happiness and relaxation in his whole life.
If you want love and blessings from God then try to help people who are in need.

Human service is the true worship of God, human service is the true religion.


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