How useful are QR Codes ?

QR Codes stand for Quick Response Codes. In QR Codes you can store numbers, websites and text. Like bar codes the usage of QR Codes is spreading very fast through out the world in different fields. You might have seen a big white square with special black patches and designs in some magazine or on a website. These special graphic designs are the QR Codes. QR Codes are based on the technology of this digital era and so they are far superior to the bar codes. As of now these black and white patched QR Codes are mostly used as a link to the websites of a particular company, business, magazine or any niche. If you use the QR Code reader present in your smart phone to scan a QR Code printed on a magazine then you can find out the relevant website of the company hidden in the QR Code. As a matter of fact QR Codes have a more extensive prospect and it is just the beginning as I write this article.

QR Codes as Reminder for Friends:
Are your friends unable to understand your handwriting? In this case you can use QR Codes to convey your message and for this you need to prepare your QR Code. Then print the QR Code and pass it on to your friends. If your friend wants to read your message he can use his mobile phone or tablet to scan the QR Code and get the hidden message on his screen.He can also save the QR Code as an image file. Using QR Codes to convey your message is helpful because no one can easily understand it but the person having a QR Reader will read and understand your message.

QR Codes on Visiting Cards:
Most of the websites provide with a facility to generate such QR Codes in which you can add all information related to you and create a V – Card(virtual visiting card). If such QR Code would be printed on your visiting card then anyone can scan the visiting card and get all information about you and your company to save it for future reference as well.

QR Codes Creation and reading by scanners
QR Codes Creation and reading by scanners
QR Codes on Designer Accessories:
You can generate QR Codes on the website QR Hacker. You need to be registered to use it so sign up. The most interesting thing is that you can chose the colour and design for your QR Code. You can also use image in foreground and background of the QR Codes. Once you have prepared your QR Code, you can print it on T-Shirts and Key Chains to store information.

Secure WI-FI Network using QR Codes:
If you go to the website QR Stuff and generate QR Codes, then anyone can intrude and use your Secured WI-FI network after scanning the QR Code. For this anyone needs to visit the website and enter the WI-FI Network name, password and security type. Whosoever now scans this QR Code will be able to know the needed information to join your WI-FI Network.

QR Codes to Sell:
If we want to sell our car then what we generally do is write all the information of the car on a piece of paper and print it. Now suppose if a person does not have much time to read or is not comfortable to carry your pamphlet, you can already have a QR Code prepared for such people. They will scan the QR Code anytime they wish and can read all the details about the car. If you wish to you can also place a link to the picture of your car in the QR Code which would be on Flikr or Picassa. So the buyer can follow the link and can get all the relevant information about your car that you are trying to sell.
QR Codes as Tattoo:
If you wish you can recreate a working QR Code as tattoo on your body by the help of a skilled tattoo artist. This QR Code tattoo could contain your personal website or blog link, contact number, Facebook account and any other information you would like to include. All you need to keep a note of is that the QR Code Tattoo should contain sharp edged lines so that it can be read by the help of scanning camera.

QR Codes in Email Signature:
You would be having an email address which you might be using frequently. When you email someone you do mention your information in the end of the email like you name and designation. If you wish you can use the QR Code in your email signature. Usually this code copies the thing that you want to convey in signature using text. It is totally your choice if you want to use it for personal or professional purpose. You will first need to create the QR Code and then upload the image to any reliable free image hosting website like Imgur. Once you upload the image you will get a direct link to the image, so use the direct link in your email signature.

How to create QR Codes and how to read it?

You can create QR Codes for free and very fast. You can save them in your computer as png/jpeg image files or pdf as well. For this you have to visit, or There you can add your relevant information, Google map location, websites or blogs and you can also prepare a QR Code for the link of your Facebook or Twitter page. When you go to the website and enter the needful information in the required spaces you can easily create your QR Code for free. To read the QR Code you would need a QR Code scanner app in your smartphone. You can also use Google Goggles or NeoReader Apps to read the QR Codes. These apps work free on android, windows phone and IOS devices. If you have a BlackBerry phone then you can use QR Code Scanner Pro. The most important thing is that the phone or device should have an internet connection.


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