How to Make Diwali Malpua Recipe – Sweet Dish

How to Make Diwali Malpua Recipe – Sweet Dish
Malpua is an Indian dish very popular on Diwali which is the festival of lights and Holi which is the festival of colours. Its a tradition to make malpua on Deepavali.
So, i am going to brief you about preparation of Diwali Malpua recipe. Those who are far away from home,they can get the taste of Diwali sweets from this post.
Lets start with the things you will need while preparing for Diwali malpua.

Diwali Malpua Recipe
Diwali Malpua

Requirements of Diwali Malpua Recipe

Medium sized mixing bowl
Raised wire rack
Smaller mixing bowl
Ghee, for frying
1/2 tsp saffron
Frying pan
2 1/2 cups sweetened, condensed milk
2 cups water
2 cups sugar

Steps to make Diwali Malpua :

Take flour, sweetened condensed milk and 2 spoon sugar in the bowl and mix them
Mix that semi-solid mixture and if needed add regular milk to make it thin
And then make a thick, stringy syrup with the remaining sugar and water in small mixing bowl
Next, add saffron and mix well.
In a frying pan heat ghee and pour small amount of mixture with hot ghee over it
Flip the malpua pancake over. Let stand another few moments and remove from pan.
Now flip over the malpua pancake and wait for few minutes
After that remove the pancake from that pan
Put the malpua pancake in an Oven for a minute or so
Then, immerse the mixture in sugar syrup and serve it.
Repeat with remaining mixture and sugar syrup.

Tips & Warnings regarding Diwali Malpua Recipe :

You can prepare your own Sweetened condensed milk. Add sugar and boil it for an hour with constantly stirring until it get thickened.
To make sugar syrup red in color add Saffron to it
While frying the dish in hot ghee, it will brown quickly on both side.
Malpua will brown quickly when fried in hot ghee and do not let it burn.

Happy Eating Diwali Malpua

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  1. Sunny Sharma says:

    Awesome recipe, I am fond of eating Malpua I get to especially when its is fried in pure ghee and topped with Rabdi, thanks for sharing this amazing recipe will try at home.

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