How to Download Youtube Videos easy and free

We love watching videos whether it be YouTube, Myspace, Vimeo or Facebook If we like some videos we think of store them in our hard drives to share or show them to our friends and family. I totally understand that downloading and sharing copyrighted material is very offensive and illegal, so I don’t appreciate it or recommend doing so. But the question is how to download YouTube videos easily.
There are three easy ways by which we can download YouTube video or rather videos from most of the websites:

1. Installing Browser Extension or Addon to download YouTube videos

Whatever browser you use has an extension or addon to download YouTube videos. I have thoroughly used Mozilla Firefox so I only know of the extension which works like a charm. I will be researching more about other browsers and adding to this articles soon. The Mozilla Firefox addon which helps to download YouTube videos is Video Download Helper. They support video downloading for many video websites and you can check it out.

2. Using Real Player for downloading YouTube videos

When you install the Real Player it gives you an option to enable or disable video downloads using real player. Just keep a check of this option while installing real player and when ever you will be watching a video, you will get a prompt to download the video using real player. The options pops up for a fixed time frame like five to ten seconds as per your settings and you just have to click on it to start downloading videos.

Download YouTube Videos in 3 Easy Ways
Download YouTube Videos in 3 Easy Ways

3. IDM(Internet Download Manager) can download youtube videos for you

IDM(Internet Download Manager) has many options and so it allows you to download various things like download all files from a webpage, download complete webpage, download audio and also download video in available different resolutions. When you click on the download video option it gives you a list of all available resolutions of that particular YouTube video. You only have to smart choosing the resolution of the video and click it. Once you click on your choice IDM(Internet Download Manager) starts downloading.

I have gone through other methods of downloading YouTube videos as well over the internet but I found most of them to be either fuzzy or the softwares involved seems suspected. So it is totally your choice how to download YouTube videos using which method. You might be able to find some YouTube downloader softwares which are not easy to use and also don’t work accurately as they most of the times corrupt the downloaded video file.


  1. IDM is the most effective way. It catches everything on the internet.

  2. Thanks for sharing the tutorial as it is very difficult to download YouTube videos sometime, but the methods you described are best in all forms.

  3. It is very difficult to find software that can download YouTube videos. I guess one should install real player. Why don’t use IDM ? I think because we have to buy it.

  4. On my smartphone i use Tubemate to download YouTube videos & for a very long time looking for downloader too for PC thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the great article you introduced really an awesome way to download youtube videos.

  6. Thanks for sharing such nice information because before I din’t knew how to download video through YouTube but now I know after reading this article. I am very glad and become so good at downloading videos from YouTube.

  7. Your article is very well written and easy to understand. I think downloading YouTube videos using Internet Download Manager is the easy way to download videos. There are many easy ways to download YouTube videos.


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