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In today’s era, most of the accounts are on Gmail also known as Google Mail.In their Gmail Service Google provides the facility to store data up to 10 GB, but sometimes we cross this limit due the large size of attachments. In such situation you either have to delete your Gmail inbox emails one by one or take Gmail backup. You can also move your Gmail inbox emails to any other email account or service provider. The process of downloading mail one by one on internal server is a time consuming and tiresome job, almost impossible. If some tool can provides help and backup your emails on a single command, then how would you feel? There are many websites over the internet that provide free tools and software’s to take Gmail backup. One of such website is

Steps to take Gmail backup by Gmvault:

• Open the Gmvault website in your browser.
• Download and install the software according to your system’s operating system.
• Once the installation is finished, configure your Gmail account with Gmvault.
• Go to Gmail account setup and configure it.
• You can also use Quick Start option to start in 2 minutes.

Gmail Backup By Gmvault Tool Freely available for many Platforms
Gmail Backup By Gmvault Tool Freely available for many Platforms

Gmvault Utilities To take Gmail Backup:

1. Take backup of your emails on disk:
Your gmail backup is stored on a unique directory that helps to move them from one system to other easily.
2. Keep your backup updated:
Gmvault runs quick sync mode daily to keeps your emails updated.
3. Restore emails to any Gmail account:
Gmvault on a single restore command, create Gmail mailbox in any Gmail account.
4. Handle all Gmail bugs and problems:
Gmvault solves all the Gmail bug issues to provide good experience to their users.
5. Available for many platforms:
Gmvault is available for various operating systems like Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.
6. Use Filesystem as a Database:
To organize the emails storage no databases are used. This makes all emails easily accessible and moveable.
Gmvault has many more features for their users to take Gmail backup. The software is very user friendly and does not need much technical knowledge to use.


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