Liquid Formulas which help to keep away from Dehydration

Home Made Liquid Formulas helps to reduce the chances of Dehydration

In summer, due to excess perspiration there will be a mitigation of water in our bodies. This excess loss of water from our body is known as dehydration. To keep away from dehydration, you can use any of these liquid formulas.

Home Made Liquid Formulas helps to reduce the chances of Dehydration :

1. Clean Water – Water is the solid formula which helps to keep away from the warmth of summer. Do not drink too much cold water and drink 6-7 liters of water a day.
2. Lemon Water – In summer weather, to have lemon water with added salt / sugar is very profitable.
3. Coconut Water – It is a good source of protein and potassium. In case of acidity and ulcers it is good to have coconut water.
4. Butter Milk – Butter Milk with added Black Salt and Grind Cumin help to digest food.

Liquid Formulas which help to keep away from Dehydration
5. Aam Paana – Boil green mango, then mashes it and removed the seed from it. Now grind paana with grinder and add Black salt, sugar, Black pepper and cumin to it. A glass of it keeps you away from warm winds and dehydration. It also increases your hunger.
6. Falsa (Grewia asiatica) Juice : Wash Falsa and add some water to it. Grind them in mixer grinder and filter it. Diabetic patients can also have it.

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  • Gloria Conrou says:

    Is that phalsa? I think its fruit peel has the highest antioxidant activity followed by the pulp and then the seeds.

  • Michael Mortorano says:

    Dehydration is not good for health and skin. It causes different type of issues. Especially I suffer eye and head burning due to dehydration. Thanks for letting know some constructive home made liquid formulas, that will actually help me stay away from dehydration.

  • Peter Thiel says:

    These are indeed some great homemade liquid formulas that's surely helpful to fulfill dehydration during summer season. In the summer I like to drink water a lot & will add these formulas in my drinking list as well. To stay away from dehydration problem I believe these ways are highly effective. Thanks mate for great contribution.

  • Bethany Alaine says:

    Thanks for helping me find the solution of dehydration by these recipes. I was really in search of that. I have also read some recipes here these are also useful for health.

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