Hello World – Introduction and Getting Started

Welcome to your gateway of online knowledge oasis. Shoot anything you have in mind and I will try to update and increase the database daily by adding more and more stuff thereby answering your queries as well. It will help you in increasing your knowledge and at the same time you can also share your knowledge and thoughts, thereby helping each other. I will let you know my ways of doing things online and genuine websites for the concerned field. In the last just want to add that I am not a GEEK, I am not a SCHOLAR, I am just a common computer user like everyone out there. I am always open to knowledge and learning. I don’t believe things until I practically apply them. That is it for now, will keep adding as I come to know myself more.
On 14th of January, 2012 we bought the domain Geeknoob.com from Resell.biz. We kept on trying and using many free web hosting services but none of them were worth and they had several limitations. The main drawback that the free web hosting services had was the limited number of maximum files that can be uploaded by ftp and the maximum PHP memory allocation. So finally we ended up nowhere going through various issues regarding the hosting services and then we decided to get a paid hosting. In the month of April 2012, we finally bought our first ever web hosting which is provided by GoDaddy at just Rs.3000 per year. Till the month of July we were trying to understand and learn the basic stuff about blogging, WordPress and seo. From the month of June we actually started writing posts and good articles which also brought some good traffic. We are now awaiting our first page rank from Google. Lets hope for the best.

I am an average computer user, now on a blogger.

Kundan Bhardwaj AKA GeekNooB
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