Harmful Effects of Firecrackers

Diwali without firecrackers is not possible as they have a close relation but we are not aware of the harmful effects of firecrackers. Some people celebrate Diwali as Festival of light but others consider it as festival of Firecrackers. Now days firecrackers comes in varieties , some are very delightful but some firecrackers has deafening noise which disturb the others.In our tradition fireworks used for an purpose, have an logic behind using the firecrackers i.e. Fumes produced after lightning crackers kills most of the insects and mosquitoes found after rains.

But now people are using firecrackers in that manner that they are killing the mankind by increased pollution after fireworks.

Harmful Effects of Firecrackers

1. Many lost their lives in the factories manufacturing firecrackers due to explosion. Different health problems are caused by firecrackers like hearing loss, high Blood Pressure, Hearing Problem , Nausea and mental impairment or even heart attack.

2. People enjoy rocket-crackers very much. Sometimes , they can set fire which result in loss of property .

Fire Works Safety Tips for Diwali
Fire Works Safety Tips for Diwali

3. They produce so much noise that is more than the decibel limits for human beings. The Central Pollution Control Board of India has banned firecrackers having decibel level more than 125 at a distance of 4 meters from the bursting point.
4. The most important among the harmful effects of firecrackers is that it pollutes the environment.

Enjoy the Deepawali with care. Take care of you and your family.


  1. Let us create enough awareness and be safe. We need more educated people to come and discuss the harmful effects of firecrackers in Diwali.


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