Hard Disk Partition in Windows 7

Hard Disk Partition in Windows 7

Previously the method of hard disk partition in windows 7 was very difficult, but with the progress of technology the process of hard disk partition in windows 7 has become simple and easy. As a matter of fact, by default new operating systems like windows 7 will mostly show only two hard disk partition. But now my friend you can make any number of hard disk partition in windows 7, it depends upon your wish.In this post,we will learn the method of hard disk partition in windows 7 without formatting computer.

For hard disk partition in windows 7 you have to follow few simple and easy steps :

1. Click on start.
2. Go to the computer option.
3. Right click on the computer option and pop up menus will generate for you.
4. There you can find the manage option.
5. Select the manage option and click on it.
6. As you click on the manage option a new window will open with the title computer management.

Hard Disk Partition in Windows 7 Installation Without Formatting
7. In the left side panel of computer management window, you will find the disk management as sub option in the storage menu.
8. Disk management is the utility program by which the hard disk partition in windows 7 is possible, not only partition is possible, but you can also delete, re-size and create a new partition or drive.
9. When you will click on disk management, the middle section will show all the drive list present on your computer and right panel will show the action list you can perform on drives.
10. From the list of drives, you can select the drive you want to shrink.
11. Right click on the drive you want to shrink and pop up menu will open.
12. Select the shrink volume and click on it.
13. A window will appear with the message “querying volume for available shrink space, please wait”.Here you have to wait for a while.
14. A new window will appear which will mention the total size of the selected drive, the available space to shrink, and then in the third column you have to enter the value of space you want to shrink, this value must be within the limit mentioned in available space to shrink option.
15. The hard disk partition in windows 7 will take few minutes to shrink and just as the method is about to complete, a new window will appear showing the unallocated space value.
16. Right click on this and pop up will open.
17. Select the new simple volume.
18. A new simple volume wizard will open, asking for the same values to be entered.The value which you have already entered at the time of Shrink Volume in step number 9.
19. Now assign a letter to the newly created partition and the letter can be of your wish.
20. The format window(refer my post steps on how to format computer with windows 7 DVD and installation) will open, if you wish to format the drive then mention the mention file system like NTFS or FAT. NTFS is always recommended and fill all the values.
21. Click on next.
22. Finally, you have done the hard disk partition in windows 7 and created a new partition.
In this post I have shared hard disk partition in windows 7 without formatting computer with windows 7. Your comments are precious to my geekland.

This post was last modified on March 17, 2015

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