10 PROS & CONS of Using Hand Sanitizers – Advantages & Disadvantages

Have you ever thought if hand sanitizers are good or bad, do hand sanitizer have any side effects and the hand sanitizer dangers of using it. Lets take it to the next level > Did you ever think what will happen if you drink hand sanitizer, Is it deadly to drink hand sanitizer or Is hand sanitizer toxic if ingested? It is indeed clear that we have lots of points to ponder over.
Many parents believe that the practice of using hand sanitizer in children is a good way to keep them away from bacterial infection. Hand sanitizer is a liquid formula which helps to removes all foreign elements from our hand. Foreign elements are those particles which are not recognize by our body for example bacteria, viruses etc. There are various ways to come in contact with bacteria like hand shake with infected person or use their personnel belongings. So it is a good practice if you are using hand sanitizer. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using hand sanitizer in daily life.
According to a research hand sanitizer may be hazardous for small children. United States of America Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention found in one of their studies that frequent use of hand sanitizer by children may results in stomachache, vomit, itching in eyes. In this research they conducted Study on almost 70 thousand hand sanitizer infected children between 2011 -2014. According to the Research, scientists found that the effect of the hand sanitizer is bad for children age less than 5 years in 91% cases. Scientists suggests to use soap and clean water for cleaning hands of small children instead of hand sanitizer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sanitizer:

The use of hand sanitizer is increasing day by day, as people are not fully aware of pros and cons of using hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is a liquid which reduces the amount of infection causing agents from hands. Hand Sanitizer can be found in three forms liquid, gel and foam in a market. Process to use hand sanitizer is very easy, have to rub 2-3 drops of sanitizer on hands. No need of water to wash hands. According to me, firstly you should know as many as possible hand sanitizer advantages and disadvantages then decide if you prefer to use or stop hand sanitizer usage.

Advantages of Hand Sanitizer:

Hand sanitizer has some advantages as well as disadvantages. As we know everything we use have some pros and cons likewise hand sanitizer also have their benefits and limitations. First we will increase our awareness on hand sanitizer benefits and then discuss about hand sanitizer limitations.

1. The chances to get ill decreases.

2. The chances of infection reduces.

2. Time taken in cleaning hands with Hand sanitizer takes second while soap takes time.

3. It kills all bacteria and micro-organisms from our hands.

4. Hand sanitizer is less likely to react or cause skin infections.

5. Hand sanitizer are very portable to use, it is very handy to carry as sometimes you won’t find sink and Water to wash hands.

6. Hand sanitizer makes skin soft and smooth from becoming dry.

7. If you are attending any group meeting or you are in a classroom, Theatre or any such place where lot of people are involved then you can use hand sanitizer before having snacks. This practice of using hand sanitizer acts as a safeguard against the common cold, fever, viral etc.

Disadvantages of Hand Sanitizer:

1. Hand sanitizer is not safe for small children age less then 5 years.

2. Hand sanitizer causes eyes infection.

3. Hand sanitizer sometimes causes stomach ache and vomits.

4. ‎Hand Sanitizer never cleans all germs from our hands, it’s best for removal of bacteria.

5. Small amount of intake by children need medical treatment.

6. ‎Hand sanitizer kills both good and bad bacteria.

7. ‎Hand sanitizer never removes visible dirts from our hands.

8. ‎Hand sanitizer is very flammable in nature so always keep it away from flammable objects.


  1. It’s great you mention that hand sanitizer helps to lessen infections by eliminating bacteria micro-organisms. From a point of view, parents should always have hand sanitizer at home to teach their kids hygiene habits. I appreciate you explaining the benefits of hand sanitizer and their use.


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