Strong Determination and Hardwork Enlightens your way to Success – Govind Jaiswal (IAS Topper)

No need to be surprised on the success of Govind Jaiswal, IAS [Indian Administrative Service] officer, it is the result of his true struggle, hard work and strong determination towards his dream. Becoming an IAS officer was not only his childhood dream but its was his father’s dream also.

When Govind was of 22 years he cleared the civil services exam in first attempt and got 48th position among 474 candidates in 2006. Now Govind Jaiswal is an IAS officer and working as an assistant commissioner in Nagaland.

His father, Narayan Jaiswal rickshaw puller in Varanasi, his mother was a home- maker, he has three sister and one brother in his family. He shares a small room with his family, where concentrating on studies is impossible. Power cut daily for 12-14 hours was common and he had to listen taunts for his poverty as well. But he never lost hope and promised himself to achieve his goal whatsoever the condition may be. Whatever his father earned in a month, half of it would go for children school fees.

His father had a small land, on which Govind’s brother worked but as it never yielded much so his father sold the land out to send his son Govind Jaiswal to Delhi where he found environment for the preparation of IAS and made his dream true. When Govind Jaiswal was busy in his studies in Delhi, his father worked hard by pulling rickshaw the whole day so that he can send Govind some amount every month. His father’s feet are wounded badly and have not completely healed till today which restricted his mobility. To help his father Govind Jaiswal started taking tutions so that he won’t be a burden on his father.

Govind Jaiswal's Family Celebrating his Success(IAS Topper)
Govind Jaiswal’s Family Celebrating his Success(IAS Topper)
Narayan Jaiswal only wanted his son’s dream come true and he didn’t sleep for 10 days earlier than the IAS result was declared. As Govind Jaiswal got the news of clearing the civil service exam, all of sudden tears came out of eyes as he had achieved what he and his father dreamt about. As his family got the news that Govind cleared the exam in first attempt they all started crying in happiness.

Govind Jaiswal said that he had no option other then to opt for civil services as for running successful business he didn’t had enough money and MNC jobs are not meant for people like him. So the only thing he can do was to study hard and believe in God and himself to achieve his aim in life.

Govind Jaiswal got many proposals of marriage and many of them offered a dowry up to Rs. 4 Crore, but he refused them and said right now he has to look after his father and job.

Govind Jaiswal wanted a good medical treatment of his father’s wound with his first salary, so that they can heal fast. Narayan Jaiswal, his father is the role model for him to fight any situation in life. His Inspirational Hero is President Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam for developing India and making it free from social crimes.

Govind Jaiswal the IAS[Indian Administrative Service] Topper has shown what he is made up of and the caliber he has.


  1. I want to take an interview of this topper for publishing on my website.

  2. This story is very inspiring for me because I also prepare for civil service exam.

  3. I completely agree hard-work and determination is the key to achieve success in government exams. I have seen many intelligent persons who have the guts to pass the IAS exam but just because of one failure they give up. At such time your strong will power and determination comes into action and that’s what Govind did.

  4. What a guy! IAS topper stories are always motivational. IAS means a lot and being a topper, i cannot even imagine. Thank you for sharing such a touching and inspiring story. After all, who want private jobs if IAS is cleared.

  5. I really appreciate the efforts and hard work of Govind Jaiswal. I am damn motivated to clear IAS, as I have also started preparing from last year.

  6. I bet he will be a icon for youth. He proves to get any success all you need to do is hard work with focus on your target.

  7. Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. And this is what gave success to IAS Govind Jaiswal.

  8. I am so impressed to read this blog. I have learned to achieve success in life to hard work and strong determination. I like this post very much. Thanks for your time to write articles for us. Sure i will back to keep posting.

  9. Hi Kundan, The story of Govind Jaiswal is very inspiring, I hope Many will read this post and get inpired, you made a point in this post “NEVER LOOSE THE SIGHT OF YOUR GOAL”. I am Sharing this post on Facebook. All the best bro…


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