Google Translate API – Online and Offline

Google Translate is the best known language translation API, provided by Google Inc. Google Translate is an API designed to translate text from one language to another language. It will translate to English language by default, if no other language is selected.
Google translate will show its best result for short sentences. It shows accurate result usually in case of short paragraph or text. But it has some limitations like other translation services API (Application Programming Interface) like it does not show accurate results always, mostly when the translation is longer shows some unreadable symbols in place of some words.
Google translate follows a specific method for translation that is if no language is selected then it will translate the whole written text into the English. But when targeted language is selected then it will convert the whole written text into English first then to targeted language.

Google Translate procedure for translation services

Source Text —> English —-> Targeted Language

In 2010, the Google translate was integrated with the Google Chrome browser for translating from one language to another automatically, no need to open Google translate website separately, if finding any difficulty in reading the webpage.
In 2011, Google launched Google translate for iOS application which acceptted input in the form of voice in 15 languages and allowed its translation on more than 50 languages.
Google Translate API for Different OS Windows Android iOS
Google Translate API for Different OS Windows Android iOS
In the same year, Google Inc released the latest version of Google Translate API for Android OS. It also takes input as voice in 15 different languages and converts them to more than 53 languages that means you have to speak or spell the word no need to write the text for translation. It will be running on all Android OS 2.0 or above.

Google Translate Online.

For translation all you have to have to do is:
1. Open the Official Online Google Translate website.
2. Write the word, phrase or paragraph, you want to convert.
3. Select the language from which you want to convert that is the Source or From language.
4. Select the language to which you want to translate that is the Destination or To language.
5. Click Translate.

Google Translate Offline.

In Google Translate Offline you do not need to open the online Official Google Translate website, write the text or even copy – paste any text and also no selecting the languages. All you have to do is download the Google translate Client in your system or computer.
1. Download and install Google Translate Client.
2. Click on Its Icon G.
3. A window will open; select the language from the list of languages in you want the translation.
4. Enable the Google Translate Icon, it becomes orange in color on enabling.
5. Now open the text you want to translate – mails, documents, Webpages without opening the Google translate website again and again.
6. Select the text from source; click on the Google Translate Client Icon appearing just after the selected text.
7. It will show the whole text translated into the targeted language in the pop up window. From there you can reply to it, replace it to other languages etc.
Google Translate Client is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10.


  1. I think the title should be changed to “Google Translate App” – because I was looking for a way to use the Google Translate API to do offline translation which doesn’t seem to exist.

  2. Hello Sandeep, first and foremost thanks for stopping by to comment and appreciating the information provided. Even I was never aware of the offline version of Google Translate API, just few days back I came to know.

  3. Hi Kundan,
    I was aware about the Google Translate Online version but Offline version is really new to me.
    Thanks for sharing such a useful information with us.


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