List of Google owned Domains for Search Engine

In a layman’s language internet means Google, infact Google is complete world wide web that is internet for them. Every internet user knows about Google as a search engine. For some it is the address bar to open any website because they are so lazy to type in the complete URL or the hyperlink in the internet browser’s address bar. For hackers it is an open access to individual’s virtual world, example using Google dorks to hack vulnerable websites. So all depends upon the way how we use the technology, could be a boon or even a curse. Anyways talking about Google have you ever wondered how many domains does the Google search engine has. As of now while I am writing this post Google owns 189 domains to manage its search engine graphical user interface on the world wide web or rather internet. The database to manage the search algorithms is beyond our imagination so let us not talk about it. I have fetched the full list of Google Search Engine Owned Domains from as the source itself and editing to bring it in shape took me an hour.

Let’s check the list of Google owned search engine domains mentioned below:

List of Google owned Domains for Search Engine
List of Google owned Domains for Search Engine

Now after you have gone through this list of Google Search Engine Domains, the question arises why Google needs so many domains. In plain and simple language these many domains are country specific based on different countries and also help Google to cut off the whole traffic from I will be sharing the list of sub domains and sister sites for Google later.


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