Google Launched Google Now for Android Operating System

Google has launched Google Now for android operating system. It is an intelligent personal assistant for Android operating system. It gives you the best result based on your search habit, even when you do not ask. Google now always provides right information at the time you need. People also consider that Google Now is an extension of Google Search Application. It is a technical revolution in Google’s History.

How Google Now Works ?

Google Now analyses all the frequent actions of a person on his mobile like weather forecasting, daily horoscope, game scores, train schedule etc., based on the commands it gives the results in the form of cards. Google Now cards shows a small piece of information relevant to your search and remain on your device screen.

List of Some Google Now Commands :

Note: All the Google Now commands written in square bracket [command] should be written in angular brackets.

Google Now Command List Android Operating System
Google Now Command List Android Operating System

1. Time and Date
• What time is it in [location]; eg: What time is it in Delaware.
• When is the [special day] in [year] ; eg : When is the Valentine’s day in 2014.
2. Weather
• Show me the weather .
• What’s the weather in [location]; eg : What’s the weather in Scotland.
3. Google Maps
• Where is [place] situated; eg : Where is the Gateway of India situated.
• Map of [location]; eg: Map of Mumbai.
4. Calculations
• Convert $50 into Rupees.
• 980 plus 531 equals.
5. Reminders
• Wake me up in one hour.
• Wish Birthday to Sierra at 11:55 pm.
There are many more Google Now Commands. I have specified few of them. It always gives a real time information not only about the things I have mentioned in the list of commands but also on movies, stocks, news, public alerts, events, translation, flights etc. Google Now is a big step to achieve a goal to make information real time. For any further queries you can visit Google’s official Website for Google Now.

The Google now app trends :

You can get an applications information on Google now quickly. An open source API is going to be started in the Google Now service where you can find information about all apps in one database. The open API has been started under the pilot program which would work for the third party service. The Product Management Director Aparna provided the information that Google Now will very soon display the applications information. This will give apps a platform which will be useful for the users. It will include individual apps also. This will increase the app user friendliness thereby the application going global benefiting the developer. Users will be able to store the app data at the same place. Google came to know in a survey that thousands of users identify trends and patterns on Google Now at the same time. Keeping a not of this Google Now will accordingly display the app information and trends. As an example if some one visits the Disneyland app then Google Now will display all the information related to park queue on Google Now cards.


  1. I still hesitate to use google now. Still comfort with common Android.


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