RIP Orkut ! Popular Social Networking Website Orkut is Now Going to End

RIP Orkut ! first social networking website of Google Orkut is now going to end. Orkut was launched by Google in 2004 which gain popularity in India and Brazil will be finally shut down on 30th September 2014. The reason behind this action taken by Google is the increased popularity of Facebook and Twitter.
Website which makes the social networking platform popular among people ; orkut will be shut down. The engineering director Paul, in one of his blog post provided with the information that the Social networking website, Orkut popular among people from last ten years will say Bye in September to its user. Since few years Youtube and Google+ becomes more famous as compare to orkut . People have an idea about this already but on getting confirmation they all start giving their reactions on internet. Now a days facebook and twitter are on trends.

What are the basic reasons behind RIP Orkut:

1. Decrease Popularity and Became Outdated: According to the social networking experts, the reason behind RIP Orkut is the increased popularity of facebook and twitter. Due to the user friendly interface of facebook and twitter becomes famous among people and users start switching their accounts from orkut to these networking websites. Orkut and Facebook both launched in same year i.e 2004. In its starting era, its gains more popularity and seen golden time of its life span in 2006. In this year, there are 23.8 million worldwide users but with time it became outdated.

RIP Orkut Popular Social Networking Website Orkut is Now Going to End
RIP Orkut Popular Social Networking Website Orkut is Now Going to End
2. Fake Profile Controversy: Few people have the habit of creating a fake account on social networking websites with all fake information and start disturbing other users. Even sometime hampers other people privacy and security. In February 2011, one more controversy arose in Orkut which became popular by name ‘Hate Groups’. Some people started creating hate groups based on religion, community and racism. Because of this action many questions raised on orkut Do you believe that now some people thought the controversy behind fake profile is the gift of Orkut to social networking websites? I was also the user of Orkut and I always loved this websites. According to me it’s the people who do the wrong things not the website. Orkut always joined us with our loved ones, friends and relatives.

Reactions of people on RIP Orkut:

When people get this information Of RIP Orkut – ‘Its time to say GoodBye to Orkut’ by Google they all start giving comments on other social networking websites. Some of them are as: shutting of Orkut is like removing the life support system of a brain dead human. Next was We have seen a Good time with Orkut, we Miss you.
People who have account on Orkut can retrieve their data in future if want from Google as they safely keep their data in archieve. By such reactions we can conclude that Orkut will always in mind and heart of people. It never loose its popularity and trustworthiness.

Journey Of Orkut in Socail Networking Platform Before shutting Down:

01 September 7, 2004 – Google launched Orkut and have growth of 36% users
In 2006 – Orkut seen its Golden Time with 82% growth and 23.8 million users
In 2008 – Orkut redesign twice and with 61% growth, users start switching. Trend of facebook starts
In 2010 – approx 76% users left Orkut and switched to other social networking websites.
In 2011 – Question raised on Orkut for Hate Groups Controversy.


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