Good Relationship are Hard to Find and Maintain

This story is all about the good relationship, its in any form like friends, buddies, brothers, sisters any are hard to maintained. Once there were two childhood friends joined the army together even they went through school and college together. In army unit everybody knew that both can gave there life for other one. In the war they were fighting in the same unit. One night they were attacked suddenly by the opposition. Bullets and bombs were flying all over and suddenly out of the darkness came a voice, “Jack, please come and help me, i got shooted by the bullet. John recognized the voice of his childhood buddy in a second. He asked his captain if he could go. The captain said, “No, I can’t let you go, I am already lost many life’s and I cannot afford to lose one more person. And, by the way Jack sounds he is not going to make it. John kept quiet. Again the voice came, “John, please come and help me. John sat quietly because the captain had refused earlier and he have to abide by the order of his captain. Again and again the voice came. John couldn’t hold himself any longer and told the captain, “Captain, this is my childhood buddy. I have to go and help.” The captain unwillingly let him go. John slides through the darkness and dragged Jack back into the trench. They found that Jack was dead. The captain got angry and shouted at John, “Didn’t I tell you he was not going to make it? He is dead, you could have been killed and I could have lost a hand. That was a mistake.” John replied, “Captain, I did the right thing. When I reached Jack he was still alive and his last words were ‘John, I knew you would come as we have good relationship.
Good Relationship are Hard to Find and Maintain
Good Relationship are Hard to Find and Maintain

Moral Of the Story Good Relationship are Hard to Find and Maintain:

Good relationships are hard to find and maintained and once developed should be admire daily. We are often told: Live your dream. But you cannot live your dream at the expense of others. People who do so are shameless. We need to make personal sacrifices for our family, friends, and those we care about and who depend on us.


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