Get Paid Apps of blackberry for Free or on Discounted Price by App Stalker

If you are the user of Blackberry then you will love to know how to get paid apps absolutely free. App Stalker is a Blackberry application which is available as free download. This application shows all the apps which are now free of cost or are there any discounts on Blackberry app world. App Stalker integrates with your Blackberry Interface and whenever there is any deal in application world then it will display notification in the Blackberry Hub. Information about all the discounted apps will be shown in the separate list.

This application will help to know all the necessary information like file size, description, likes and the cost it was available but now it is free about various Blackberry Apps.

Blackberry App Stalker
Blackberry App Stalker provides all paid apps free

Features of App Stalker of Blackberry:

  1. Shows new free apps.
  2. Shows all the discounted apps.
  3. Easily integrates with Blackberry Operating System.
  4. Runs in background.
  5. Show all the necessary information of Apps.

To download Click Here.


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