Free Travel Apps for Smart Phones

Many free travel apps for smart phones are available over the internet that make your trip full of enjoyment and hurdle free. With the help of these Travel apps, you can do online reservations of Flight Tickets, Hotel Rooms, find your destination and ways to reach your destination point. You can also view local discounts, offers in restaurants, online booking etc. Let’s have a look to some exciting and useful travel apps for smart phones.

Travel Apps for Smart phones:

Trip Along
You are waiting for your flight and suddenly one of your friend’s is also there, then time seems no longer. With the help of tripalong this would be possible and you don’t have to wait alone. For taking advantage of this travel app you have log on the website and process your registration.This travel apps for smart phones will share your travel details with all your friends who are the registered members. This free Travel app works for all smart phones.

Free Travel Apps for Smart Phones

How tripalong will work:

1. You have to log in the website and do the registration
2. After this you have to add flights you need
3. Find your friends in a city or at an airport by filling the values in the fields
4. It will show the list of all your Facebook and LinkedIn friends with whom you can spend time in a city or at an airport
5. It will also show the list of other people who will be flying with you. You can choose anyone to sit with them and connect with them

Tripit is a free mobile travel organizer app. Tripit travel app for smart phone collects all emails related to airlines, car rental, hotels and restaurants from your email account connected with tripit and submits into the tripit account. You have to forward only the confirmation emails to tripit account for different bookings.You can also share your trip with your friends by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How tripit will work:

1. First you have to open the website and signup for free
2. Verify your email account
3. Fill the various fields like city, destination, start date and end date
4. Tripit will send you an alert in case of any flight delay, cancellation etc
5. Tripit helps you to find out the alternation flight status and fares in any unfavourable condition
6. It will keep track of your points and maintain the record at one place like balances, remaining days etc
7. It will help to know whether your airfares are refundable or not
8. Automatically share your travel plans with the people whom you want to share

Makemytrip is a travel management application. This app provides all the features basically performed by your travel agent like searching the flight, booking in hotels, restaurants, cancel your booking etc. But to use this travel app for smart phone, open the website

How makemytrip will work:

1. Open the website with the given link
2. You can download the App from there by choosing your smart phone from given options like android, iPhone, blackberry
3. You can also download from SMS by giving your mobile number
4. After downloading, you can use any option from the menus according to your requirement.

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