Free Online Mobile Recharge – amulyam.in Balance Top Up

Free Online Mobile Recharge amulyam.in Balance Top Up

The meaning of Amulyam literally in Sanskrit is the priceless or invaluable. Amulyam.in is a renowned website which provides free online mobile recharge for almost all network providers operating in India like BSNL, Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, Tata Docomo, Tata Indicom, Reliance, Uninor, MTNL. The recharge amount can be anything from Rs 10 to Rs 180. You can top up your own mobile, your friend’s cellphone, your family member’s iPhone or any one else you wish to from amulyam with your account balance on the portal.

Five years back, no one knew about amulyam, but today its known due to the loyalty of the members as it adds balance to your mobile online free of cost depending on the amount accumulated as your earning. Amulyam basically deals in India, outside India it does not support.

To win free online mobile recharge from amulyam you have to do the following:

1. You have to create your account that is you have to register.
2. You have to read Bonus Mails received in the inbox of amulyam account.
3. You can create contest and earn an amount more than Rs.10
4. You can play the quizzes on various categories and get recharge amount if you win.
5. You can earn by referring your friends.
6. Complete offers like buy online airlines tickets, online shopping in fill wallet section.
7. You must sign in everyday to add daily login bonus credits.
8. You can enjoy the Trivia Game and Build Your Vocabulary to earn daily.
9. The special offers are the best way to monetize as they give free money credit at an instant.
10. Every offer states its recharge money in front of it. So chose wisely to invest less time and earn more.

Mobile Recharge Online Free Cellphone Balance amulyam

Best free mobile recharge website :

Amulyam is not just another ordinary freebie site but it actually works. The best way to earn is through referrals. You can refer friends to earn up to Rs. 111 per referred account. Yes you read it right, it indeed is Rupees One Hundred and Eleven. Now you will be asking yourself, am I being fooled because it sounds too good to be true for sure. Before you raise your fingers, go to > http://www.amulyam.in/displayReferFriends.do and see for yourselves. Don’t jump off your roofs when I tell you that “Lifetime Ten percent commission on referral earnings”.

Q > How will you get Rs.111 ?
A > One plus Ten Plus Hundred [I am really not kidding]

So, heres the Math on it :
– A friend registered on amulyam, you got Rs.1
– That particular friend earned Rs.1 on the day they registered, that is within 24 hours, you get Rs.10
– That same friend earned Rs.50 on the day of registration, you will earn Rs.100

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Does Amulyam.in really recharge = Is it legit or scam?

Amulyam is 100% legitimate as I twice won recharge of Rs 10. If you do not believe just google and read its reviews from the internet, you will realize that amulyam is not a scam rather legit. I will suggest you to register to loot free mobile recharge balance and then make your perception.

You should try the amulyam android application to earn mobile recharge free by installing new applications on cellphone. Thirty lakh people have installed new applications to earn free recharges through amulyam’s android app.

For grievances contact amulyam.in using their contact us page @ http://www.amulyam.in/contact-us.

Win and enjoy the free online mobile recharge with Amulyam anywhere and anytime Friends.

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  • venkatesh says:

    Yeah, it paid me rs.10 recharge.

  • Jitendra Sahoo says:

    Please ! I have sent my coupon please provide me access.

    • Hi Friends,
      its totally free,just spend 5 minute daily

      I recommended you to get free mobile recharge from amulyam.

      * Signup For Free
      * Check My Inbox Ads & Earn up to Rs 0.10 to Rs 10.00 Daily by viewing ads.
      * Participate in Bonus Offers & Earn up to Rs.1 per offer.
      * Participate in Gift Ads & Earn up to Rs.50 per day.
      * Invite your friends/relatives & Get Rs.1 for each registration.
      * Earn 10% Commission on referral earnings.
      You can recharge your mobile once you reach to minimum of Rs 10.

      WOW I GOT MY FIRST RECHARGE OF RS 10, lot of people getting free recharge, you should also try this.

  • It really works and recharged my mobile.

  • Abhishek Kumar says:

    Thanks for sharing this amazing site. Now days there is a trend of Free Recharge Android Apps. Share that also. :)

  • Pradeep Jadhav says:

    Awesome article! it will surely help us to get free recharge. I found another article which explains about 5 free recharge application.

  • Etech4u Team says:

    Thanks for such a nice article. You can earn more free talk time by playing games also. There are some games which provides you free recharge.

  • Its a nice trick for getting free recharge and i think this is helpful for a daily reader of your blog like me.

  • Gagan Kumar says:

    Thanks for the information. I found another article which explains about top 10 free recharge application.

  • Arpita jain says:

    It works as I Got Rs.10 on this. I have kept checking and you have posted some great resources of free recharge.

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