Fire Works Safety Tips for Diwali

Fire Works Safety Tips for Diwali

Diwali is known and famous for fireworks. Lots of firecrackers are purchased and sold on Diwali every year. Usually children start making there long list of Diwali firecrackers a month before Deepavali. Importance and significance of Diwali celebrations is already known but for children Diwali means fireworks, sweets and gifts. Reason behind cracking Diwali firecrackers are two : one is a warm welcome of Goddess Lakshmi and other is : Victory of Good over Bad. Seeing lots of colors and sparkles in the environment is full of joy and happiness but fireworks can be dangerous too. Little carelessness with fireworks may cause serious problems and physical harm. So to avoid that, keep simple precautions in mind about fireworks while sparkling firecrackers. Here we present, a very few and basic Fire Works Safety Tips for Diwali, which we are following from our childhood.

Fireworks safety tips for Happy Diwali
Fireworks safety tips for Happy Diwali

Fire Works Safety Tips for Diwali :

  1. Adult supervision: Always use under adult supervision.
  2. Purchase fireworks which are legal and approved by government firms.
  3. Before using the Fireworks read the instructions mentioned on packet.
  4. For safety, keep stored water or sand nearby.
  5. Don’t use firecrackers inside the house as it might be dangerous. Always use open area for fireworks.
  6. Never try to make your own fireworks.
  7. Never relight the crackers after burning or half burning, sometimes accidents occur while doing this.
  8. Don’t light multiple fireworks at a same time.
  9. Keep children away from fireworks.
  10. Always store the firecrackers in cool place.
  11. Don’t light fireworks by leaning over the top.
  12. Always wear caps, safety goggles and fitted clothes. For better safety cover your body as much as possible.
  13. Never wear Silk or synthetic clothes while lighting firecrackers, as they catch fire easily.
  14. Always tie your hair; never light fireworks with open hair.
  15. Ask children to light other small or big fireworks with the help of Sparkler (phuljhadi) rather than matchstick.
  16. If you get a small burn while lighting firecrackers, apply ice and coconut oil.
  17. Never use previous year’s firecrackers, always check the manufacturing date and year while purchasing.
  18. Before cracking fireworks, always check open area to make sure no person or vehicle is crossing-by, it may harm you as well as them.

Wishing you all a Safe and Happy Diwali 2019.

Author: Happy Deepavali 2020

Happy Deepavali 2020 is the co-owner and content curator for the events and Indian festival section of geeknoob. Happy Diwali 2020 is the name we came up due to the upcoming festival of lights : Deepavali 2020 ! The GeekNoob team wishes you a very happy and prosperous Diwali 2020

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