Ultimate Facebook keyboard shortcuts list & modifier keys

There are many Facebook keyboard shortcuts for navigation as Facebook is a very wide Social Networking Website. Here we are sharing the ultimate list of shortcuts for Facebook, so friends and countrymen, get ready with your one-note and notebooks to take social network enthusiasm to a different level. With selfies and besties, no one is untouched from the social network AKA Facebook dot com. Before using these keyboard shortcuts for Facebook, you should know that these shortcuts are operating system and browser specific, unlike Twitter keyboard Shortcuts which are same for all the browsers. However to use them you must know about the modifier keys for your computer.

Modifier keys for different Operating System and Browser to use Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts:

We need to figure out Facebook modifier keys basis operating system installed and browser being used.
Windows Operating System

a) Google Chrome —- Alt + #
b) Mozilla Firefox—– Alt+Shift +#
c) Internet Explorer—– Alt + #

Mac Operating System

a) Google Chrome—- Ctrl+Option +#
b) Mozilla Firefox—– Ctrl +#
c) Safari—————-Ctrl+ Option+#

Facebook keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Access and Navigation
Facebook keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Access and Navigation

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Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation:

M : Opening and composing a new Facebook message
? or /: Go to the Facebook Search
C : Comment when on a story in news feed
J : Scroll between News Feed stories
K : Takes you to the previous News Feed story
L: Liking or Unliking a selected story
Q : Searching a friend for chatting
Left and right arrow keys: Skip back and forth between photos
0 : Facebook’s Help Center
1 : The Facebook Home
2 : Your Profile / Timeline
3 : List of Facebook Friends
4 : Message inbox
5 : All notifications
6 : Account Settings
7 : Privacy Settings
8 : Go to the About Page
9 : Legal Facebook Terms and Agreements

Note :
The common keyboard shortcuts for Facebook are supported by popular screen readers. Always use these Facebook keyboard Shortcuts with modifier keys that is in place of #, placing these shortcuts. The numbers mentioned in the shortcuts works when you use the numbers on the top of your keyboard, not the number pad.


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