Facebook Emoticons or Cool Facebook (Smileys + Images) Code


You often want to express your feelings to your friend’s while chatting on Facebook ? Then the simplest way is to use Facebook Smileys and Images which are popularly known as Facebook Emoticons. Here I present a long list of Facebook Smileys some popular, some cool and some are new. I have tried to cover most of the smileys.

Common Facebook Emoticons (Smileys + Images) Code:

Common Facebook Emoticons(Smileys) Codes

Cool Facebook Smileys and Images Code:

Cool Facebook Emoticons(Smileys) Codes

New Facebook Smileys and Images Code:

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New Facebook Emoticons(Smileys) codes

So Friend’s use these Facebook Smileys Code while chat on Facebook and Enjoy lot !

This post was last modified on April 24, 2015

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