Where Does Life’s End: End of life is same for Everyone

This is a story that tells us that end of life is same whether of wealthy men or poor men. Once there was a village, the sarpanch of that village organized a contest on his birthday and select 5 farmers from his village. In the contest he offered all the land they could walk on in a day, provided he came back by sundown to the point where he started. To get a new start, with lots of dreams in there eyes ,early the next morning the farmers grouped at the land and started covering ground quickly because they wanted to get as much land as they could. The first farmer came back in 2 hours as he want land to make his house only , second one return in 3 hrs as he want land to make shelter for his cattle only, in the same way third and fourth farmers came back earlier. But the fourth one keep on covering the land even though he was tired, he kept going all afternoon because he didn’t want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to gain more wealth.
As the afternoon fades he remembered the condition that he had to fulfill to get the land was to get back to the starting point by sundown. His greed to cover more and more land had gotten him far enough. He started his return journey, keeping an eye on the sun that how close he was to sundown. As the time passed and the closer it got to sundown, the faster he ran. He was exhausted terribly, out of breath and pushed himself beyond the point of endurance. He collapsed upon reaching the starting point and died, end of life. He did make it before sundown. He was buried and all the land he needed was a small plot.
Where Does Lifes End End of Life is same for everyone
Where Does Lifes End End of Life is same for everyone

Moral of the story ” Where Does Life’s End: End of life is same whether of Wealthy or Poor Men “:

There is a lot of truth in this story and a lesson to be learned about end of life. Whether the men was wealthy or not, any greedy person would have ended in the same way.


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