Ecommerce Meaning and Importance

Ecommerce stands for “Electronic Commerce”. It is the process of buying and selling of products and services of your company through the use of ecommerce websites over the internet by using electronic gadgets likes iPhone, mobiles, palmtops, laptops and computers. For increasing your profit margins through online business you have two ways – Either you can register your company product and services on popular ecommerce portals like eBay and Amazon and many more such portals or you can also develop your individual ecommerce website displaying all your products and services.

Ecommerce Websites importance:

Previously people were not much frank to use internet, so gaining trust of anyone online was the most difficult task, but with the advancement in technology at faster rate, more and more people are using internet and gadgets. Now in India also, the craze of online shopping is increasing tremendously. In this competitive era, no one has time in their busy schedules to go the shops and see all the products and select from them. Everyone needs and likes comfort, so people love to visit ecommerce portals for latest updates and even use these websites to shop for things like clothes, gadgets, accessories, kitchen wares, books and many more.

Ecommerce websites are not only beneficial for people who want to shop but also for businesses. There are large number of ecommerce websites that deal with B2B ( Business-to-Business ) that is one business buy their products and services from other business.

Ecommerce Mean and Importance Steps to buy sell products on ecomm
Ecommerce Mean and Importance Steps to buy sell products on ecomm. Image Credits
Ecommerce websites have many categories, businesses can select the category and mention its relevant products and services in that particular category with all your company’s terms and conditions like product features, product images from different angels, shipping process, payment process like which gateway of payment you will prefer, product is refundable or not in any case and cash is refundable or not. Businesses have to represent the product in such a way that it should gain trust of customer in an instant and force them to add your product in their cart or wish list.

How to sell your product and services on ecommerce websites (Seller) ?

The steps mentioned below are not fixed, they may or may not be varied according to different ecommerce websites or portals. These steps are the basic points which a seller have to keep in mind for selling his products and services and to promote his business profit margin:

1. Creating a seller’s account: This is the foremost step in any ecommerce portal, here you have to mention your name, address, phone number, physical store confirmation in the given form and ecommerce website will be sending you the text message or some of them even call to give the pin code, which you have to enter in the given area to continue creating your account with the respective ecommerce website.

2.Select the payment gateway: In this you have to select the payment method to pay the respective ecommerce portal fees. Generally the payment methods are:
a) Bank account
b) Credit or Debit card
c) PayPal.

3. Choose the category for your product and service: In this you have to select the categories in which your products and services are listed. Choose the list option with listing title which has normally some characters limit (50) mentioning the brand name, color, sizes, etc.

4. Mention the product and service description: In this you have to mention the history of the product or service like year of manufacturing, which features make it unique, color and size available, brand name and model number, image views and any other conditions.

5. Mention additional information: In this you can mention various additional services you are providing with your main product like return policy, product can be returned in how many days in case of any damage or in case not satisfied with the service, shipping process whether you provide free shipping or charge some fee and many more.

6. Pricing and payment: In this you can mention the pricing policy like cash on delivery, half payment, pay now etc. and also mention the payment instructions like how much the customer has to pay including of tax and shipping charges if any and payment gateway also.

How to Buy product and services on ecommerce websites (buyer) ?

The steps mentioned below are some of the common steps which we have to follow while shopping for any item from the various ecommerce websites or portals. The steps may or may not vary. They are:

1. Open the Ecommerce website or portal: In this you have to enter the website URL or address in the address bar if you know, otherwise type the name of website and search for it through Google, open it either way.

2. Search for an item: In this you have to enter the product or service keyword in the search box at the top of any page like android phones, LED TVs etc. or can also explorer the list of categories.

3. Read the full description: Before purchasing any product or service you can read it’s full description carefully and if you have any confusions in your mind you can ask those questions there on.

4. Read reviews about the seller: Before finalizing first read all the reviews and comments about the seller left by its various buyers and decide whether the seller is trustworthy or not.

5. Read reviews about the product and service: Read all the feedback about the product given by different buyers, what they feel about it whether it is worth to purchase from here or not.

6. Compare the product: This facility has proven to be very helpful as here you are able to compare same products from different brands with features, price, shipping, warranty, etc.

7. Add to cart: Whichever product you find suitable and best according to your requirement and decide to buy, you can add them to your cart where it shows the final price including tax, shipping charges etc.

8. Pay for the item: Different ecommerce websites have different payment procedures. Some have pay now option while some have pay on deliver.

This online shopping makes your hectic work easier. You have to just click and order the product and product is delivered at your door steps. Ecommerce websites increased the online retail sales by 12 percent from 2011 that is $226 billion in 2012.


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