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Do you want to save any video from your Facebook account or from your friends account in your computer or mobile to view them offline? But at that time you are in a big trouble as Facebook does not provide any facility to download video directly. But now need not to worry, you can download Facebook videos by using third party websites or extensions. Extensions are commonly known by the term Add-Ons. You should be very careful while downloading any Facebook Video Downloader as they slow down the speed of the computer as well as start displaying unwanted advertisements which consume the internet speed and data. In such condition you can use online website where you easily download Facebook videos.

Two Ways to Download Facebook Videos Free and Quickly:

1. By using Facebook Video download Extensions (Add-Ons)
2. By using Facebook Video Downloader Website

list of websites & Add-ons to Download Facebook Video
list of websites & Add-ons to Download Facebook Video

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How to Use Extensions (Add-Ons) to download Facebook Videos:

For different browsers there are different Facebook Video download Extensions (Add-Ons). As the name suggest they are the extra functionality given to the user of the browser with the browser. They are not installed in the original version; these have been downloaded and installed according to the need. One of them is Facebook Video download extension; it helps in downloading videos from Facebook account of yours and yours friends.
1. Download Flash and Video (for Mozilla Firefox): It is a good tool that helps to download Facebook video with a single click. You have to download this add-on and click on it while watching video. It will download the video for you automatically
2. Facebook Video Downloader (Google Chrome): It the best tool that I recommended to download Facebook videos as it is easy to use and actually work with Facebook.
Advantages of using extensions is that they easy to use, free download and trustworthy but every coin has two sides its negatives are slow down the computer speed and using too much of your internet data by showing unwanted advertisements.

How to Download Facebook Videos by Video Downloader Websites:

There are many third party Facebook Video Downloader websites which helps to download Facebook videos in just few steps or with single click. These downloader websites makes the task of downloading online videos easy as Facebook never provides the option for downloading videos.

Steps to use Facebook Video Downloader Websites:
1. First all open the webpage for eg: savefrom
2. Now open login your Facebook account and open any video from there.
3. Now right click on it, there you find the copy video URL option.
4. Click on that option, now paste that URL in the box you find in webpage .
5. You will a arrow sign just adjacent to that box. After inserting the video link, click on that arrow.
6. Now your video is downloading. You can save the video in your computer or mobile as it download in mp4 format.
Advantages of using Facebook Video Downloader Websites over Extensions are:
1. Easy to user.
2. User friendly.
3. Less time taking.
4. Do not slow the speed of computer as well as browser.
5. Do not show unnecessary advertisements.

Some Best Websites to download Facebook Videos :



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