Diwali Pooja Thali Decoration Designs for Deepavali Puja

Diwali Pooja Thali Decoration Ideas Deepavali Puja Thali Designs and Items

In India every religion has its own customs and traditions to offer prayers to Gods. In Diwali also, we pray to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi for our well being and wealth. Diwali Pooja Thali is one of the important aspects while offering prayer. During aarti we need a beautiful Diwali Puja Thali. Previously Diwali Pooja Thalis were made of brass, silver and sometimes even with gold. But now a days you can buy decorated Diwali Puja Thali online consisting of all Diwali pooja thali ingredients necessary for puja like kalash, diya, bell and designer bowls to keep rice, sindoor etc. Now you can also decorate Deepavali thali according to Diwali pooja thali decoration ideas at home and use it or gift it to your loved ones. All the accessories required to decorate Deepavali Puja thali can be purchased from the market including Diwali thali which comes in various shapes and sizes. It is one of the best ideas to gift on this festival of lights.

How to Make Beautiful Diwali Pooja Thali at Home :

SurajMukhi Diwali Pooja Thali
To decorate Diwali Pooja Thali like sunflower i.e SurajMukhi, you have to use yellow poster or yellow acrylic color at the base of the thali. At the corner of the diwali puja thali, create a design of flower at the corner with either red or orange. At the center of thali draw a sunflower by yellow color. Always remember to leave some space between the center flower and corner flowers. Keep petals of rose in the space between flowers. Now keep small boxes and decorate them with rose petals at base of boxes and keep rice, sindoor (kumkum) etc.
KumKum Diwali Pooja Thali Decoration
Take a medium size thali and rub Ghee with cotton on it. Now spread kumkum on it. With the help of fingers try to draw swastik in the middle of Diwali puja thali. Place colourful petals of different flowers, spread the petals everywhere except swastik. Put bell (ghanti), Lota and small silver bowls on it to keep rice, camphor etc. In this way you can make your own Kumkum Diwali Pooja Thali.
Haldi Sindoor Diwali Pooja Thali
Take a medium size puja thali and put oil, haldi (turmeric) and sindoor on it. Spread them equally everywhere by moving the thali gently in circles. Now use little bit glitter to give it a shiny look. Use designer bowls and place them on the corners to keep Diwali pooja ingredients. Haldi Sindoor Diwali Pooja Thali is one of the simplest and easiest Diwali Pooja Thali Decoration ideas.
Glittering Diwali Pooja Thali
Cover Diwali puja thali with clean and glittering satin cloth. Now paste designer lace, beads, mirrors and stones of different shape and size on the border of cloth with help of glue. In the center of pooja thali place an aromatic candle or a designer diwali lamp. The light of the candle or the lamp when reflects on mirrors and stones gives a unique and beautiful look to your Diwali Pooja Thali.

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Everything is special in Diwali, the festivals of lights and when it is about Diwali pooja thali then it has to be special. So lets decorate the Deepavali puja thali, giving it a unique touch in a new way on the auspicious occasion of this Happy Diwali 2017. Hope you like these Diwali pooja thali decoration ideas ! We have put in a lot of effort to compile these deepavali puja thali images. You can show your love by sharing this article on your social networking profiles or drop a line below through the comment form.

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