Disadvantages of pirated games | Never install cracked Subway Surfers

Dangers of cracked games: The running game Subway Surfers tests if you have it within you that can save Jake and his friends from the crabby guard and his grouchy dog. Be the longest runner of the subway tracks, be alert while you swipe left and right to skip incoming trains and hindrances. The world tour will take you to another city monthly. Keep a close eye on great rewards and hunt tokens. Keep adding new characters to your crew by unlocking them in the game. Give your best for scoring high, collecting lot of gold coins and beating friends leaving them far behind in the game. The gold coins earned in the game help you buy new items, characters, boosts and accessories for your crew characters.

About Subway Surfers and overview of gameplay:

Jake a characters from the Subway Surfers Crew
Jake a characters from the Subway Surfers Crew

SYBO Games and Kiloo came up together to develop this non-stop running game known as Subway Surfers. Rocking the Unity game engine, the game can be played on different platforms namely Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows Phone. The game’s storyline features players as graffiti artists tagging a subway train site. A guard and his dog chase the person creating the graffiti. So the players keep running to save themselves from the grumpy guard and his dog. Players avoid being captured by skipping obstacles and grabbing gold coins while in pursuit. The game already has been downloaded over 1 Billion times. Subway surfers has 28 million reviews with 4.5 stars on Google Play. People are the best when it comes to workaround aka JUGAAD(in Hindi). So we have our own ways to do things but we should not be ignorant and find ourselves at wrong.
Never install cracked games like pirated Subway Surfers
Never install cracked games like pirated Subway Surfers

Why never install pirated games like cracked Subway Surfers?

1. We all know this is ethically wrong. Most of us are grown enough to decide right and wrong. There are copyright issues when you use a cracked or patched software/program/game. So, in a way, you are supporting copyright infringement.

2. You are motivating people who crack softwares to crack more games.

3. Cracked softwares have the potential to damage your phone.

4. The Crack or patch files can carry virus. Your​ mobile will go crazy if infected. Your other devices and gadgets will be at risk and can be compromised.

5. You can be a part of a botnet. You might get a ransomware like the WannaCry on your mobile. You might be a part of spam chain.

6. You might have FBI knocking on your door. Is it possible? Just kidding about FBI but it depends on the level of severity by which a country treats it. In India these things are yet not taken that serious as in US. US has very strict cyber security and copyright laws.

7. You won’t receive official updates and so you will miss the fun that the whole world out there will be enjoying.

8. Last but not the least, most importantly, once you taste the unlimited resources, you will be saturated and bored of the game in very short span of time, the worst part is that you won’t recognize it but yes it’s the truth and trust me this happens. I have seen this happening to few of my friends.

The real joy of the game lies in the fact that you play fair and genuinely. I know few of you might not agree to me. So go ahead, give it a try and testify what I just explained. After all, they say : “Necessity is the mother of invention”. I hope you loved to read our post. Feel free to share your thoughts on disadvantages of pirated games and we should not install cracked Subway Surfers.


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