Different Search Engines like Google for Special Search

According to a recent research eighty percent users among the people working over the internet prefer Google than other search engines and use it. But there are other search engines which are very useful as they are different and special. Do you use Google to search anything over the internet? Possibly you might be using Bing, Yahoo or Ask for searching. But apart from Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask which are the big search engines there are some search engines which help you in specific search and make your work easier.

Social Search Engines:

With the help of Scour.com you can have a combination on search and social networking. Scour.com also makes your search easier for Twitter and Facebook pages. Search Socially is the tagline of Scour.com and it gives you search options under web, images, videos, local and business. Scour.com was actually named after Aftervote.com.

Different Search Engines like Google for Special Search
Different Search Engines like Google for Special Search

People Search Engines:

If you are searching for people then Pipl.com can help you with your search. If you go to Pipl.com and search about a person along with his location then you will get all the related detailed information about that person. Pipl.com is the best comprehensive people search over the internet. In Pipl.com you can search people by many options namely by Name, Email, Username or Phone.

Answers Search Engines:

If you could get answers for all your questions instantly then how would you feel? Yes, now by the help of Answers.com you can get answers to all your questions easily. Answers.com contains several topics and fields along with different questions to be answered. You can sign up to ask a question or to answer a question in Answers.com.

Maths Search Engines:

People working in the field of research daily need to do different types of calculation. You can now do your calculations using Wolframalpha.com. If you type Math in the Wolframalpha.com Search Engine then you will find useful information rather than a list of websites. Wolframalpha.com is a search engine to search information rather than websites.

Search all Search Engines:

We have a very strange but useful and special Search Engine Dogpile.com. Dogpile.com specialty is to collect search results from different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex to present it all together. Dogpile.com makes searching the internet a charm as it has all the great search engines piled into one. You can search for web, images, video, news, local and white pages using Dogpile.com.
So that was a quick insight to different and special search engines which can be used to make searching better and easier.


  1. Yandex and DuckDuckGo.com are the best competitor for Google Search Engine, specially in Unites States, but still your post was also informative.

  2. Very interesting. As a new blogger I live and die by Google. Didn’t know some of these other search engines even existed. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes Ahsan bhai it is beneficial to have knowledge about search engines aswell and thanks for taking time to leave a comment.

  4. I used Wolframalpha sometime. I think its better than Google. Anyway thanks for sharing other unknown search engines. As a blogger, I’ll be benefited.


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