Steps to Delete Your Account or Email Address

Steps to Delete Your Account or Email Address

Many a times we create our account on several different websites and later on worry about how to delete your account from the website or forum. There is a solution for this problem of deleting your website account or forum log in. You can actually delete your account on Facebook, your email address in Gmail or your ID in Yahoo.

Steps to delete your account or email id:

1. You have to go on a special website for this purpose which is
2. On this website,, you will find the list of websites as per alphabets from A to Z.
3. From whichever website you want to delete your account just select the right alphabet for your website.

Delete Your Account or Email Address or Website ID
4. If you wish you can also use the search box, so type in and hit enter.
5. Finally by clicking the link you reach your destination website from which you wanted to delete your account.
6. You can now delete your account forever from most of the websites over the internet.

Nowadays, we have many folks who want to say good bye to Facebook. This website has proved itself that it is up to the mark and it does the job for you. So are you in need to delete your account today you are just a click away.

This post was last modified on March 17, 2015

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