Steps to Change Twitter Background – Image and Design Color

Twitter is the only social networking website that provides the facility to there members in which they can change twitter background image and design color instead of using the default theme. You can upload customized backgrounds that will reflect your purpose of creating twitter account. You can also use logo of your company in background.
In case you like any theme but according to you colors are not going with the design, then you can completely change the color of the theme you want and use it as your twitter background.

Steps to Change Twitter Background :

1. Log in to your twitter account
2. On Home page, at top right corner you will find wheel with down arrow symbol. Click on it
3. Navigate to the Settings Options, after keyboard shortcuts
4. As you click on it your account page will open, there you find the Design Option in the menus under account section in left corner

Twitter Background Change Image and Design Color
Twitter Background Change Image and Design Color
5. Click on it, Now you can able to customize your twitter profile how it appears to you and others :
A) Select any of the Premade Themes
B) Select theme from Themeleon (It’s a twitter profile designer website) from thousands of themes and colour patterns
C) Upload the image(.jpeg, .jpg, .png etc) from your system (like logo of your company)
6. After finalizing the theme, you can customize it and see the changes then and there. They will not be saved until you click on save button
7. If you want to use the logo on your whole twitter background, then check Tile background option
customize twitter background design
customize twitter background design
8. You are also able to change the position of your logo that is you want to start it from left , right and center by using the Background Position Option
9. Similarly you can change the Background Colour, Link Colour and Overlay
Make your Twitter Profile attractive and effective. No need to have much technical knowledge. Just follow the above steps and change your twitter background.


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