Steps to Configure Gmail in Outlook Express Using POP

If you are one of the outlook express users, you might very well understand the feel of using gmail in outlook express. You might also be aware of the fact that outlook express can be configured,setup and used with various email providers and to be honest its really a difficult task to maintain a list of such email providers in today’s time. However as gmail is one the most used email provider because it is provided by Google so we would first of all learn how to configure gmail in outlook express using POP.You need to have Microsoft office installed as outlook express comes within it. We need to make sure that you are configuring gmail account properly to accept connections with outlook express.

Lets configure gmail in outlook express now:

1. Log in to your gmail account.

2. Go to mail settings.

3. Select the tab for Forwarding and POP.

4. Click on Enable Pop for all mail.

5. Select keep gmail’s copy in the inbox from drop down.

6. Click on save changes.

Configuring Gmail in Outlook Express
Configuring Gmail in Outlook Express
Since we are done with configuring gmail we will now setup outlook express.Open Outlook Express.It will give you an option of adding an email account if you haven’t added any email accounts to it. If you have already added email accounts then go to tools and account settings. In account settings click new under the tab email and it will give you an option to add an email account.Then key in your name,email address,password,retype password and click next. It will show you configuring and once done congratulations. Just click finish and you have succeeded in configuring gmail in outlook express.


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