Computer Shortcut Keys for Windows Operating System

The main purpose of using the shortcut keys is to make the task easier. Shortcut keys are mainly useful for those people who are fond of using keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts reduce the time of work as there is no need to hold the mouse all the time and they are proven of great benefit for the people who have to sit in front of the system for long hours.
Shortcut keys are easy to remember and they never hamper your work like sometimes the mouse is not available or it is not working properly and you are not aware of shortcuts keys of windows, then definitely it will impact your work and efficiency.
But friends now no need to worry! Here I am presenting the list of most commonly and useful shortcut keys for windows operating system. They are compatible with all versions of Windows and will work efficiently with all windows.

List of Computer Shortcut Keys for Windows Operating System :

Ctrl + C ——– Copy the selected text
Ctrl + X ——– Cut the selected text
Ctrl + V ——– Paste the selected text
Ctrl + Z ——– Undo the last performed action
Ctrl + Y ——– Redo the last performed action
Ctrl + B ——– Bold the selected text
Ctrl + U ——– Underline the selected text
Ctrl + I ——— Italicize the selected text

Computer Shortcut Keys for Windows Operating System
Computer Shortcut Keys for Windows Operating System

Ctrl + Esc ——- Open the start menu
F1 —————— Open the help window
F2 —————— Rename the selected file or folder
Shift + Delete —– Delete the item permanently
Alt + Tab / Windows logo + Tab ———— Switch Between Open Programs
Windows Logo + L —– Lock the system
Ctrl + Shift + Esc -——- Open the Windows Task Manager window
Ctrl + Shift + T ———- Reopen the recently close window
Alt + F4 -———- Close the current window
Alt + ptr scr ——- Print the active window only
Fn + ptr scr ——– Print the screen
Ctrl + Alt + Delete ——- Open the windows option like lock this computer, switch user, task manager etc
Alt + Enter —— Open the properties window of the selected item
Alt + Spacebar —— Open the Window’s System Menus
F3 -———- find in open files
Windows Logo + M / Windows Logo + D ——- Minimize all windows
Windows Logo + Shift + M ——- Undo minimize done by Windows logo + M or Windows logo + D
Windows logo + R ———— Open the Run Window
Windows logo + Plus (+) ———- Open Windows Magnifier and zoom in with the plus symbol (+)
Windows Logo + Minus (-) ——–Open Windows Magnifier and zoom out with the minus symbol (-)
Windows logo + Esc ——— Close Windows Magnifier
So, this information about shortcut keys for Windows will be helpful for you in many respects – time, efficiency, efforts.


  1. Hi there Kundan

    Good list of shortcuts, I agree about them being a timesaver –some others that I think are rather useful in Windows 7 are:

    F4: When in Windows Explorer moves the cursor to the address bar, and displays a drop-down list of previous folders visited.

    Windows key plus left and right arrows: uses the Aero snap command to snap window to either the left centre or right of the screen quickly.

    Cheers, Ben


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