Valentines Day SMS, Whats App Messages and Wishes

Valentines Day is celebrated on 14th of February every year. This is the day to show your love to your life partner. Valentines Day is mostly celebrated by couples. Every one waits for this day, as Valentines Day is a day to express your true feelings to one you love. People plan many surprises like gift, dinner, chocolates and red roses etc. for their partner, but we never forget that a single message can convey your feelings to your partner. Now a day’s Whatsapp is used by more than 1.3 million people and it is one of the fastest and easiest mean of communication especially in sending messages. So here are some romantic and lovely Whats App messages.

Valentines Day SMS, Whats App Messages and Wishes
Valentines Day SMS, Whats App Messages and Wishes

Valentines Day SMS, Whats App Messages and Wishes :

1. U R My Love & U R My Valentine,
I Do Love U & It’s True, I
Never Knew My Life Without U
I Wanna Live But It’s
Only With U, Please Be My
Valentine, I Will Hold U 4ever.

2. My Heart Skips A Beat Whenever
You Call, Your The Only One
That Raises Me Up When I Fall,
I Wish You A Happy Valentine’s
Day Today. I Love You So Much
And That Is All I Want To Say.

3. The Things I Feel I Can Not Express,
So I Will Write Them To You In
This Sweet Text. You Are
Dear And You Are Mine You
Are What Makes Me Shine. I
Love You And Happy Valentines Day.

4. This Is The Day Where All Confess
Their Love, A Day Where You Tell
That Special Someone What They
Mean To Them, So Today I Will Confess
To You, How Much I Have Always
Loved You Happy Valentines Day Dear.

5. If A Butterfly Comes Close To You,
If A Purfumed Rose Touches Your
Face, If Your Mobile Dances On A
Nice Tone, Remember Its Me Trying
To Say You Happy Valentines Day.

6. Love Is Not How Long U’ve Been
Together, Not How Much U’ve
Given Or Receive, Not How
Many Times U’ve Helped Each
Other, It’s How U Value Each
Other !

7. Falling In Love With You Was The
Easy Part, Spending An Hour Without
Thinking Of You Is Not So Easy,
Surviving A Day Without Seeing You
Is Torture, Living The Rest Of My Life
Without You In It Seems Impossible.

8. Each Of Us Are Angles With
Only One Wing, And We Can
Only Fly By Embracing One
Another, You Want To Become
Angle ? Come And I Will Give
My Wing. Love U So Much.

9. Tears Can Sometimes Be More
Special Than Smiles, For Smiles
Can Be Given To Any One, But
Tears Are Only Shed For People
We Love!

10. Im Enthralled By Your Beauty,
Mesmerized By Your Charisma And
Spellbound By Your Love, No Wonder
I Am Always Thinking About You,
I Wish To Celebrate Every Valentine
With You. Happy Valentines Day.

11. This Special Message On This
Lovely Day Is To Inform You
That You Might Not Have Any
Idea As To How Fast My Heart
Beats When I See You. Please
Be The Love Of My Life.

12. Even If God Didn’t Write
Your Name In My Destiny,
I Have Written Your Name
In My Heart Forever..!

13. You’re The First Person I Want
To Talk To When I Wake Up & The
Last Person I Wish To See Before
I Fall Asleep, Isn’t It The
Reason We Both Are Together Till
Eternity? Please Be My Valentine!

14. I’ll Never Forget The Way You Smile,
And I Would Love To Hear Every Word
You Say, I Would Never Get Tired
Going With You Even Just For A While.
There Is Something In You I Can’t

15. Ur My Strength, My Love, My
Heart, Ur Loving Touch I Long
For So Much.. Ur Voice So
Softly That Whispers I’m Urs
Forever.. Be Mine My Sweetheart!

16. I Wanna Wrap You Up,
I Wanna Kiss Your Lips,
I Wanna Make You Feel Wanted,
I Wanna Call You Mine,
I Wanna Hold You Forever,
Please Be My Valentine!

17. Have I Told You Recently That
I Love You Well, Just In
Case I Didn’t Today I Want
To Say It Over And Over, And
Over Again I Love You!

18. Loving You Has Been The Greatest
Experience Of My Life, For You
Make Me Feel Like I’m Truly
Alive. I Love You And Want To
Spend A Lifetime With You.

19. My Love, I Will Always Be
There For You, And This
Valentine I Promise That
I Will Always Be A Shoulder
For You To Lean On. Happy
Valentines Day My Dear.

20. You Are My Sun By Day And
My Moon At Night, You Are
The Star In The Dark And
My Universe Up High. You
Are My Heaven On Earth!

21. I Love You For A Life Time
Not Only For A Day I Love You
For Who You Are Not What You
Do Or Say I Love The Way You
Love Me Back So There Is Only
One Thing I Can Say I Love You

22. Roses exclusively from a nice person…
From a simple person…
Keep roses until they dry…
Keep my relation until I die…
Happy Valentines Day !

23. Please be my valentine, I will u 4ever
U r my love & u r my valentine…
I do love u & it’s true,
I never knew my life without u
I wanna live but it’s only with u,
Please be my valentine, I will hold u 4ever

24. Love,is more than what I have.
Love,is more than what you are.
Love,takes me where Ive never been.
Love,takes me where I am today.
In love,is what I am with you

25. If love is sweet why does it hurt,
if love is deep why does it burn,
if love is warm why do we shiver,
if love is tender why do we cry,
if love is forever why do we die

26. 1st time i saw u i was scared 2 touch u.
1st time i touched u i was scared 2 kiss u.
1st time i kiss u i was scared to love u.
but now that i love u i’m scared 2 lose u!

27. So remember when your eyes meet mine, I love you with all my heart,
And I have poured my entire soul into you, Right from the very start.
Happy Valentines Day!

28. I just love you and keep loving you for always, because when you smile it makes my heart skip a beat as it is very sweet. I love you my sweet heart ans I’ll always do.
Happy Valentines Day!

29. Sometimes my eyes get jealous of my heart. Know why? Coz you always remain close to my heart and far from my eyes. Happy Valentines Day!

30. There are Tulips in my garden, there are Tulips in the park, but nothing is more be beautiful than our two lips meeting in the dark! Happy Valentines Day!

31. V- is for Valentine, u r my only Valentine.
A- is for I will Always be yours.
L- is for Love at its most extreme.
E- is for Everlasting love, Ecstatic love.
N- is for Never-ending love.
T- is for we will Always be Together forever.
I- is for u being Intelligent and Innocent.
N- is for Natures naughty way of saying I love you to.
E- is for Eternity our love is so ever lasting.

32. Ur mine LOVE,
& ur mine VALENTINE,
I do LOVE U & its true,
I never know my life without U,
I wanna live BUT its only with U honey,
I will hold U 4evr!

33. U kept me warm & safe,
held my hand to show me the way,
supported & inspired me through night & day,
Love u in everyday.
Missing u on Valentine’s Day

Wish your partner on this Valentine Day with these messages full of love.

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