Is This a Right Time to take decision about your career – Career in Content Writing?

Career in Content Writing Reason to Choose and Meaning

When you want to take important decision related to your further studies or career. Then sometimes you are in a big confusion, “Is this a right time or not to take such decisions?” Almost every person goes through such a phase of confusion in his life. For this you have to keep some points in your mind before reaching to any conclusion.
In this competitive era, most companies have to run their website. Websites have content which give information about the products and services provides by them. To write attractive meaningful and unique content companies hire content writers. Now every person is very familiar to internet no age bar from children to old age. Before trust to any product everyone search for product and services online. So the attractive content attracts more customers and increased business. Due to these reason, you can make your career in content writing.

While Choosing Career in Content Writing :

1. Before reaching any conclusion – Take your Time to Think: Never take any decision in a rush, always take sufficient time to think when it is either related to your career, studies and personal decisions. Always think all the negatives and positives of the decision on which you have reached. If you take good time before reached to conclusion then you will never regret for your decision and it will be of definitely right and beneficial for your career growth. If you are a good writer and express your thoughts in simple but impressive way. Then definitely think once to choose content writing as your career.

2. Always thinks once on the suggestions: Many times we are not able to understand that the decision that we are about to take for our future is really a good one? In this case you can discuss with your relatives, friends and close people. If their point of view is same as that of yours then the decision is off course right. When you decide to choose content writing as your career then always consider the suggestions of experienced person in this field.

3. Always keep in mind the future results: This is not at all compulsory that the decision taken by you in career show results as per your expectations. Some decisions are good with respect to future. In this case if you take any decision which will not show instant results but proven to be one your best decision in future. In case of content writing might be you did not get good projects in starting but with time you’re writing skills increased and you can earn good money with it. You can also make it your full time or part time career.

What do mean by Content Writing ?

If you love to play with words and also able to make word experiments then this technical world of internet brings many gifts for you. In this era of privatization and competition, each and every company owes website. Now a day companies not only do promotions on social networking website, in fact for this they even does not hesitate to invest a large part of their budget. Due to all reasons the demand of content writer suddenly increased in world of websites. Website has links and sub links and what you have to do is to connect content with these links and sub links. Every person wants that find all the required information at one place. This desire increases the demand of writers in the field of content writing. Companies want that the content writer help them to attain their business goals by convey information on product in a very attractive and adventurous manner on social networking and other websites. The work of content writing is not only challenging task but also very interesting. In metro cities, people adopt content writing as their career and earn good money. To make career in content writing you should able to make discussions and articles very impressive. During content writing you should be able to make proper balance between English and Hindi language. There are many software’s available in market which helps to make your webpage beautiful and attractive. If you are dedicatedly indulge yourself in writing business articles then we expected from you that through your creativity you force the customer to read the whole article.

What are eligibility criteria to have career in content writing :

To be a good content writer a person should have business like professionalism. But due to job growth in this sector now a day’s people start taking training before get into it. Always remember to be a good reader, first a person must be a good listener in the same way to be a good content writer, a person should be a good reader. To make career in content writing a person should make their article creative and attractive. Person should have able to maintain balance between languages i.e English and Hindi. Today many institutes conduct short term and long term courses for content writing.

Career in Content Writing
List of Institutes Conducting Content Writing Courses:
1. Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
2. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi
3. Delhi Vishwavidyalaya, New Delhi
4. Chaudhary Charan Singh University, New Delhi
5. Jain Vishwavidyalaya, bangalore
6. Kurukshetra University, Haryana
7. Punjab Technical University, Jhalandhar
8. University of Chennai
9. University of Lucknow
10. University of Rajasthan

What will be the Income in Content Writing Career:

If you choose content writing as your career, then in any stream of content writing the starting salary is from 12000 to 15000. After having experience of minimum of two years in content writing your salary range will be increased from 50000 to 1 lakh. With content writing you can also write independent articles to earn some extra money.

Analyze yourself whether you can be Good Content Writer or Not:

Article writing is like a discussion. A good discussion is a one which is in simple and understandable language that convey proper message without adding any extra spices. If you have the capability to express difficult situation in easy and simple words then content writing is the best choice for career. It takes you to the height of success. Always remember your word expression left more impact than your language. Whenever you are writing content or an promotional article on information, technology, aerospace, robotics, telecom, electronics, computer etc. then have to maintain proper balance between English and Hindi both languages. This balance decides your success in content writing. If you are a website content writer, then you should be habitual of decorating your article. In spite of a good content writer sometimes you are not able achieve your goal to attract more customers to website. People not like to spend more time to read information on internet. Therefore your article should contain exact required information in beautiful manner. Now a days, various software’s are present in market through which you can decorate your webpage. If you are dedicatedly writes for business purpose then expectation increased that you should present your article in such a creative manner that person cannot navigate to other webpage until read it completely.

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