Check Your Website Compatibility on Various Browsers – is a website which provides online tool to check your website’s compatibility on various browsers. Website look bugs free when we see only on one browser but as we open in different browser’s we find some problems in design or in it’s functionality. makes the work of designer and tester easy by providing this service at one place.

Importance of

Browsershots simply takes the screenshot of your website on different browsers and uploads the results at the central server. Browsershots is totally free and user-friendly, what you have to do is enter the url hyperlink of your website in the required textbox like and hit enter. Once you have submitted the request or queued your website, you have to wait for sometime as the whole procedure will take a while to show the results according to the browser choice you have made and the number of browsers you have chosen to check the compatibility with. Check Website Compatibility on Various Browser OS Check Website Compatibility on Various Browser OS
Testing the website on many browsers is a very difficult task and time consuming. definitely proves to be a stress buster and reduce your workload. Now you get screenshots of your website on different browsers at one place. Total 202 combination of browsers and operating systems are available. From these combinations you can select the operating system and browser’s version on which you want to see the result.
You can also have some other options like screen size, color depth, javascript, java, flash etc. whose values you may set from the given options.You can also see the list of 41 volunteered computers that are used to make the browser screenshots and upload those screenshots to the central server of
So, check your website’s compatibility on various browsers and operating systems by using the free service provided by For any further query you may visit


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