How Blog Commenting Improves your Google Ranking and What it means ?

Blog Commenting in general term is the submission of a review, comment, replies, feedback, queries and discussion on the posted content of the particular topic. Blog commenting is the only way that makes the blog very interactive and social as people like to have a conversation on the topic they are interested. But if we think from the marketing point of view it is another way of building back links; it is one more way of off page Search Engine Optimization.

Blog commenting is not only helpful in website promotion, but it also brings considerable amount of traffic on your website or blog. It will boost up your Google Page Ranking as well.

Importance of Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is the only way in which you gain high ranking website back links without spending too much time in writing and thinking like other method of SEO technology. Blog commenting is just like a Heart of any post as it will give life to it by making it more interactive with lots of comments, as people who leave comment to your post will also leave a back link to other websites or a blog to continue further discussion.

Blog Commenting Boosts your Page Rank & what does it mean
Blog Commenting Boosts your Page Rank & what does it mean

Blog commenting Format and Guidelines:

1. At the end of each blog, you will find “Leave a Reply” block with various fields.
2. Generally fields are name, email, website URL and Comment. These fields may or may not be same in every blog.
3. Sometime you have to comment by using Google Plus account, Facebook account, Twitter account, Disqus account, WordPress account and many more.
4. Even on some website you have to sign up or register on the website or the blog to leave a comment.
5. In name field you have to input your name, name with proper format like full name is recommended as this will increase the chances of approval of comment.
6. In email field mention your email id.
7. In website URL field, mention your blog or website URL like If a blog is using the comment luv plugin then you have to mention the URL with http:// like and check the com luv check box at the end.
8. If website URL field is not given, do not worry you can give your website or blog link in the comment section by using anchor tag like <a href=””>welcome to my geekland</a>.
9. For writing comment in comment section, write unique content or your view related to the post, just do not mentioning anything vague which is not related to the post.
10. Always comment on blog’s that are related to your blog category not on any random niche blog. Suppose your blog is on IT or technology and you post comment on a blog related to Herbs and Ayurveda, it is not recommended and you should avoid doing it.
11. After filling all fields, click on submit comment button. Sometimes it gets approved at the same time and in some case where it has to approved by the administrator, shows you the preview how your comment looks with a message “Your comment is awaiting approval” or “Your comment will be visible after approval”.

As each coin has two faces head and tail, blog commenting has benefits on one hand and limitations on other hand. But when we see the outcome of blog commenting in form of page rank, these obstacles seem not too big. Let us discuss the pros and cons of blog commenting.

How Blog Commenting is useful in Improving Google ranking/Page rank?

1. The comments you posted on various websites or blogs, generate a back link for your website or blog.
2. If people find your views attractive and knowledgeable, they will definitely click on the link you created in the comment and visit your website or blog.
3. It will boost up or improve your website’s or blog’s Page Rank.
4. Back links from high ranking websites will create a reputation of your website or blog.
5. It will increase your traffic status by sending considerable amount of visitors from the back links.
6. It is not much time consuming as you have to write two to five lines review on the content not a 400 word article.

Why some people think it is totally waste of time, due to limitations or hurdles of Blog commenting?

1. Have to spend too much time in finding blogs of related category or niche to comment on.
2. Then to post the comment, feedback or any query, first you have to read the whole article carefully and it will consume too much energy, mind and time to understand the content.
3. After spending so much time to comment, you are not even sure to get a back link, as it can be filtered out by the moderator manually or by some anti-spamming software.
4. Worst condition is when you write a comment after giving too much time to read and understand the content, at the end it will show the message “Can not enter the anchor or any other tag for giving links”, on submission.

Now it is up to you all to decide “to blog comment or not to blog comment” for boosting up your page rank. But guys I have just mentioned both sides of blog commenting, and I personally believe “To Blog Comment.”


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