Beware of Half Truth: it will Lead to Misunderstanding

This story will tells us that always beware of half truth or half lies as half makes no meaning and generates misunderstanding.Once upon a time, a sailor who worked very dedicately and sincerely for last four years on the same boat . One day he got drunk. It was his first time in his carrer that he drunk during his working hours. The captain maintained it in the log that, “The sailor was drunk today.” The sailor read this comment, and he knew that this would affect his career, so he went to the captain, sorry for his mistake and request the captain to change the log, that it only happened once in his whole four years career which was the complete truth. The captain denied and said, “What I have written in the log is the only complete truth.” The next day it was the sailor’s turn to write in the log. He wrote, “The captain was not drunk tonight.” The captain read the comment wrote by the sailor and request the sailor to change it explaining the complete truth because this implied that the captain was drunk every other night. The sailor said to the captain that what he had written in the log was the complete self explaining truth.
Beware of Half Truth it will Lead to Misunderstanding
Beware of Half Truth it will Lead to Misunderstanding

Moral of the story “Beware of Half Truth: it will Lead to Misunderstanding”:

Both statements were true but they conveyed misleading messages, so always beware of half truth.


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