Best Google Adsense Sandbox Tools : ads enabled or disabled on site

How would you find if adsense ads serving is disabled on your blog?
How would you get to know if a website is banned by Google AdSense?
I know there are lots of questions to be answered and today we are going to learn about tools to check if a domain is Adsense Banned.Do you know what is adsense?
Sorry, that was a wrong question because if you have reached this page then you are either a Google Adsense advertiser or a Google Adsense publisher.
Have you observed a drop in the revenue generated by your websites and you are trying to find the reason behind it?
Well, out of the many possibilities, one strong chance is that ad serving has been disabled for your website, few pages or blog.

So are you aware about Google Adsense Sandbox?

Do you know that there are actually tons of Google Adsense Sandbox Tools out on the world wide web?
If you don’t know, we will be learning about Google’s Adsense Sandbox and different tools around it to verify if ads serving is enabled for a domain or not.
Advertisers check their competing ads to find out the target keywords and create compelling advertisements. The publishers should be worried about their website being in accordance with the Google Adsense policy and guidelines. Due to the frequent algorithm updates rolled out by the search engine giant AKA Google, publishers should keep a close eye on the types of ads being displayed and make sure that their domain or pages are not penalized by Google’s Adsense. When buying a new domain, you should always verify that the domain is not banned by Google Adsense or Google search engine.

Now, the question stands > How to check if a website, page or a domain is banned by Google Adsense and not blacklisted by Google advertisements?
That is when you need the Google Adsense Sandbox Tools to verify if Google Search Engine has banned you.

Understanding what is the Google Adsense Sandbox actually:

Google Adsense Sandbox as the name suggests is an isolated and quarantined environment for the publishers and advertisers to check advertisements for various domains and keywords. Adsense Sandbox tools help you to find out the type of Adsense adverts being served by Google on different domains with various keywords. If you are a Google Adsense user, you would already know that there are terms of service for Adsense ads and any unethical activity is treated strictly by the search engine giant.

Pointers on what’s the usage of Google Adsense sandbox?

1. It allows you to check if ad serving is enabled for a website.
2. You can check the available ads per requested keywords
3. Gives you one more reason to buy or not to buy another domain.

Lets see the list of google adsense sandbox sites to check adsense penalty for a website’s domain: Google adsense search engine ban checker Google adsense search engine ban checker

1. Banned by AdSense? >
Bannedcheck is a great website that allows you to check and see if you have been Banned from Google or not. It tops the list because it solves two purpose. Firstly, it checks and tells you if your website is banned by Google’s Adsense. Secondly it verifies the status of your domain in the Google serps and confirms by checking the indexed pages in Google Search. It says “Congratulations, currently has pages indexed by, therefore is Not Banned from the Google Search Engine!”
Please make sure you check your blog, website and domain with ‘www’ in front, and also without to verify if either is banned by Adsense or Google Search Engine.

Steps to get your domain’s adsense ban status:
Simply type in your domain name in the space provided below the text “Enter Your Domain Name”, and then hit submit. The website will show you the ban or non-ban status of your blog as depicted in the aforementioned picture. What we need to keep in mind while using this tool is that we have to check both variants of our domain, www and non www.

Adsense Sandbox by Amit Agarwal for Digital Inspiration labnol
Adsense Sandbox by Amit Agarwal for Digital Inspiration labnol

This is a great tool by the Indian problogger Amit Sir. The Sandbox tool for adsense was developed by Amit Agarwal for Digital Inspiration. The tool still shows you the right result in terms of the domain ban by Google but the tool does not work like it used to earlier. May be the code needs to be updated for the tool. Amit Sir is a busy man, goes without saying and might have not got time to update it yet. The tool earlier showed the actual ads that would display on a domain but it now just shows the size and type.
You will understand better if you watch this video by Amit Sir about this tool >

Do you want to prank your webmaster friends or fellow bloggers about adsense?

isbanned dot com
isbanned dot com

Is Banned ? >
Enter any domain the result is always same.

Check Google Adsense Ban prank
Check Google Adsense Ban prank

Check Google AdSense Ban >
This website is epic. It is visually attractive when displays the result after checking a domain for adsense ban. Every domain is banned by Google Adsense per this tool.

Note : None of these tools or websites have any affiliation with Google, AdWords, DFP or AdSense.

If you know any other working websites or adsense sandbox tools to check website ban by Google, feel free to share it via comments below.


  1. It seems like these sites don’t work properly now. Adsense would have implemented some kind of new code to make impossible to determine if a site is banned or not, though.


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