Best free Educational Smart APP for Kids

In vacations most of the children love to spend their day on computer, laptop, desktop, mobile, cell phone, tablet or phablet. In this situation there are some best free educational smart apps for kids which prove to be very useful apps for kids as they teach them while having fun over different portable electronic devices in the summer or winter vacations.

List of best smart app for kids with their advantage and usage:

1) Endless Alphabet app for smart phone: If your child has recently joined the school and after few days of joining vacations started, then this free educational alphabet app is very helpful for mother to teach new words to their children. This app for toddlers is based on monster theme and has various activities through which small children above and up to three years of age learn how to read and write words. The main advantage of this android app for kids is that there will be no time limit and score board. So there will be no pressure on children while having fun and learning with this free smart application.

2) Kids ABC Letter Light free app for kids: This application also is for small children of the age group between two to five years. In this app for toddlers, children learn new words by moving the colourful pieces of puzzles. The free version of this app for children includes letters from alphabet a to alphabet b. For remaining letters you have to buy full edition of this educational app for kids. This is one of the best free iPad apps for kids and can also be used on iPhone.

Best Smart Educational App for Kids
Best Smart Educational App for Kids

3) Pics Art Smart App for Kids: If your child loves drawing, colouring and painting then the kid will definitely like this application. Through this android app kids can learn about animals, shapes and easy vocabulary. Some parents have recognized this smart app as the most favourite colouring application of children. This application is compatible with android only and suitable for children of age group 3 years and above.

4) Read me Stories app for children: Some children spend their whole day on their parents mobile phone or iPad and do not like to read at all if you forgot to purchase story books for your children then this smart app for kids is useful in teaching. Every day a new e-book is added to the existing library of this educational app. Small children also enjoy this application because they hear voices and the words spoken are highlighted keeping in mind the intonations. This is the best reading app for toddlers and is available free for android, iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. It can be used by children of age group three years and above.

5) Spelling City app for kids: This app is for children of age group seven years and above. If your child is good at study but facing problems in spelling words, not able to remember the spelling and do not pronounce correct then the child will make spelling mistakes. This free educational smart app for kids consists of ten word lists and eight different games. With the help of these word lists and games, spelling city will make your child a master in spellings. Hang-Mouse, Scrabble and Missing Letter Quiz are some of the popular games of this famous smart app for kids. This application is compatible with all operating systems and platforms like android and iOS.

6) NASA HD app for kids: Everyone loves to watch space moving in their very own hands. This NASA smart app is not only liked by children but adults as well. This high definition space app provides all information regarding space missions like photos, videos and tweets by astronauts. This smart app is a huge collection of space information and is a big library which serves like encyclopedia. Small children are able to learn about their favourite planet, satellite, galaxy etc. This application is for children of age group 7 years and above.

7) Brain POP Featured Movie free educational smart app for kids: This is a very popular learning app for kids and approximately sixteen lakh people have already downloaded it. A free educational movie is added daily in this app’s existing database. Children watch the movie first and then answer the questions related to that movie. These movies are generally on astronomy, bio-graphy of famous personalities or various other subjects. These films are stored in the archive of this free smart app for kids which is enjoyed by children of age group eight years and above. is the best website I was able to find to get apps for children.


  1. Technology has indeed changed what education is and the next generation is truly gifted with ample opportunities.

  2. Thanks for suggesting those apps for kids. Actually, many adults need to learn languages these days at least non native speakers!

  3. You have managed to include all the best apps for kids. You have included spelling city app as well which my niece is pretty good at too. Technology has indeed changed what education is and the next generation is truly gifted with ample opportunities.


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