Basic Technical Terms used in Smart Phones – Feature Description and Reviews

Whenever you read the reviews about any cell phone you get confused with the terms used to define it, as you are not familiar with the terms used in smart phones and tablets. Let us try to understand the basic words and terms related with the mobile phones. It is a little effort to make the technical terms clear to the general people to understand the mobile phones and know what factors effect their functionality.

Know the terms used in smart phones to increase tech knowledge:

Operating System or Platform:
Operating system is the system software that makes the phone to work like calling, texting and tackle some complicated tasks like emailing, web browsing etc. Like computers have Windows and Mac-Os, mobile phones also have operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry. Each and every operating system supports almost same features like calling, texting, email, social networking connectivity.
Android, iOS, Windows Phones supports tiles or icons interface, they rarely use menu system. Blackberry and Symbian use the menu dependent system. You have many options to choose, but always select the operating system that updates regularly, support new features and easily use the applications which you are using till now.

Terms used in Smart Phones Know Them and Increase Tech Knowledge
Terms used in Smart Phones Know Them and Increase Tech Knowledge

RAM (Random Access Memory):

With the help of RAM you can run more than one application simultaneously in your mobile phones and can perform different tasks in background. In reviews you generally come across with these terms used in smart phones – 256 MB (megabytes), 512 MB (megabytes), 768 MB (megabytes), 1 GB (gigabyte), 2 GB (gigabyte). This tell you the size of the RAM you are using in your device. Some operating system requires more RAM to work properly whereas some work fabulous with small RAM. Performance of your device depends more on operating system instead of RAM. New Android devices have 1 GB RAM, Windows Phones have 512 MB RAM, Symbian phones have 256 MB RAM.

Previously having camera in smartphones was considered to be one of the luxurious things and now camera has become one of the important parts of any smart phone. You might have read these terms used in smart phones like 3.2 |5 |8|12 |41 MP (megapixel) (pixel is a very small area on your display screen which helps in the formation of an image for eg: x MP indicates that XK number of pixels in that minute area), autofocus, shooting modes, HD videos, LED (Light emitting diode) etc.
Focus on the following features like quality of lens, camera software, autofocus, scene settings, touch focus, flash, face detection, macro modes when you are purchasing smart phone for photography purpose. According to me the smart phone having camera with 5 megapixels is best to purchase. These features change the world of camera and photography.

Screen Display:
Today market has variety of mobile phones having different shapes and designs. Every company proves their display better than other company’s mobile phone. The terms used in smart phones for screen display are AMOLID, LCD (Liquid crystal diode), Super LCD, PPI, Clear Black. Large display always looks attractive but the mobile phone having big screen consumes more battery and reduces the life of battery. According to your budget always select the screen with good resolution and also find out that this display supports all apps or not. Amolid generates shining and dark colors and LCD generates text with good quality.

Mobile Phones generally connect with other devices like tablets, laptops, desktops and with other phones to transfer files or some important data. Both wired and wireless technologies are used for establishing the connection. The terms used in smart phones for connectivity are – USB On The Go, HDMI, Bluetooth and WI-FI. Generally iOS and Windows Mobile Phones cannot transfer files with Bluetooth. Sometimes for establishing connectivity with other devices we require accessories like HDMI and USB On The Go adapters.

Applications or apps are the small software that is made to fulfill some particular task. In mobile phones they generally help in web browsing and playing games. The terms used in smart phones are – Applications, Apps, App Store, Market Place, Developers. To download apps in your device visit the Apps Store and know whether your favourite apps are available or not.

To use Internet or have internet connectivity in your mobile phones, you have to take the data services from your operators. The terms used in smart phones related with internet are – HSPA, HSDPA, HSIA, 3G, 3.5 G, 4G, GPRS, EDGE. First of all you should know which form your device supports and whether it allow access up to that form or not. For example: the new IPad will not work with 4G network speed. So for simple browsing and emailing you use mobile phone having GPRS connection facility.


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