The Bad Piggies Game from Rovio Entertainment follows Angry Birds Lengend

The world’s most downloaded mobile app Angry Birds maker Rovio announces the launch of a new adventurous app game Bad Piggies. After the launch of Angry Birds in December 2009, the game has already been downloaded more than a billion number of times for all kinds of platforms,editions and versions whether it be mobile,tablet or computer. On September 4, 2012 the creator of Angry Birds that is the Rovio Entertainment, officially announced the game Bad Piggies to be launched on 27th September,2012. The Angry Bird makers say that this game is based on the Angry Bird’s second most famous character Bad Piggies. Where the Angry Birds are red in colour, the Bad Piggies are green in colour. This game allows you to play with Bad Piggies rather than the Angry Birds as in the game Angry Birds.
The Bad Piggies Game from Rovio Entertainment follows Angry Birds Lengend

Bad Piggies is the Piggest Game ever:

According to the company the Game Bad Piggies will be first launched in IOS, Android and Mac Versions. Afterwards based on the popularity reports the makers have a plan of launching the game further in Windows Version. Rovio is calling the game Bad Piggies as “The Piggest Game Ever” and Bad Piggies will be the center of attraction rather than the Angry Birds in this game.Bad Piggies allows you to revenge the swine for their defeat by building far more better porkers rather than Angry Birds taking all the control of the circumstances in the game. You can see the action of swines set forth to steal more and more delicious eggs of Angry Birds.
The Yahoo News was the first to officially receive insights of the newest game from Rovio, the Bad Piggies. Yahoo has been given the recent information from the creators of the game Bad Piggies and you can also visit the Games Blog of Yahoo to see a promotional teaser depicting the various things that gamers can do in the game as Bad Piggies to be the main character. You would be able to create different kind of vehicles like rocket type flying machines thereby proving that flight is no longer only for the Angry Birds and so why should birds have all the flying. Bad Piggies is like a next chapter and a sibling to the Legendary Game Angry Birds. If you want to know more and if you have the quest, you can visit the official website of Bad Piggies.

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  • Astro Gremlin says:

    Flying animal games now consume 42% of everyone's time! I made up that statistic.

  • It is new to know that Astro, thanks a ton for the stats.

  • Proloy Das says:

    We are creating a community for Bad Piggies players.

  • Good to hear that Proloy.

  • Mohammed Abdullah Khan says:


    Angry Birds is one of my favourite game and will be. I have completed many episodes/versions of angry birds and yet to face another challenge ;)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog spatme .com :)

    P.S: Please check your CommentLuv plugin. Its not working.

  • Yeah I know Abdullah, I am working on my commentluv plugin. Thanks very much for stopping by and sharing.

  • Masud Rana says:

    I really like this article about Bad Piggies. The game is going to rock. Rovio has done it again. Check out badpigsty.com to get bad piggies help and hints.

  • Arthur Duboi says:

    I've played the Bad Piggies game, beautiful graphics, it is simple good. Thank you for this article about it.

  • This game is just excellent. The graphics are beautiful, the music and sound are great. The gameplay is rather original. It’s good to play a game like that, it’s refreshing.

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