Apps to Restore Data of Android Smartphone and Tablets

What to do in case we delete our Smartphone data by accident? How to restore data of your Smartphone? Now there are many apps to restore data of your Android Smartphone. To restore your deleted data, just navigate to Google Play and install applications like dumpster and Recycle Bin in your Smartphone.

Apps to Restore Data of your Android Smartphone :

1. Dumpster: It is an application for Android Smartphone that behaves just like a recycle bin. This app helps to recover all data in case you delete them accidently.
Features of Dumpster App:
a. Restore deleted files, pictures, videos, text messages, contacts etc
b. Able to preview deleted items before restoring
c. No need of Internet Connection to use this application

Restore Data Android Smartphone Dumpster Recycle Bin Apps
Restore Data Android Smartphone Dumpster Recycle Bin Apps

2. Recycle Bin: It is a tool that helps to recover the deleted files. This app saves all the information related to an application that you have deleted from your Android Smartphone.
Features of Recycle Bin App:
a. User- friendly Interface
b. Auto manage install/uninstall apps
c. Restore apps from previous backup
d. Restore multi version backup
These applications will definitely help you in recovering your important data. Once you install these apps in your Smartphone, a recycle bin icon will display on your Smartphone screen like computers. In case you accidently delete the wrong file then these apps will help to Restore Data of your Android Smartphone.


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