Apps for Smart Phone Cameras

Your smart phone camera may have limited resolution. But do not worry, now there are many apps for smart phone cameras that convert your simple smart phone camera to a smart camera by adding some extra functionality to it like high speed capture, panorama and many more. Let’s have a look to the apps for smart phone cameras with their description that can make your camera smart.

Apps for Smart Phone Cameras that increase the functionality:

1. Panorama
Sometimes the images captured with wide angle are not only enough. You want to capture some beautiful landscape and for that you need extra wide angle. In such situation, Panorama apps for smart phone cameras proves to be of great use. For Androids and iOS you can use 360 Panorama. With the help of this app you can create real time panorama. It has one more utility that is after the creation you are able to share it as well.

2. Photo Filters
Fun Photo Filters help to improve the quality of images which are captured by your camera with low quality. For this purpose you can take the help of Powercam Apps for Smart Phone Cameras. This app helps to add effects to your pictures or images. You can also see the image before capturing it how it looks in a particular angle in this app by putting the camera feed on real time.

Apps for Smart Phone Cameras Android iPhone Camera Applications
Apps for Smart Phone Cameras Android iPhone Camera Applications

3. Time Lapse
Have you ever seen any professionally created time lapse video? Time Lapse is a technique in which video is created by arranging the photographs in some specific sequence. With time lapse you can see some incident in high motion but in reality that incident occurs in slow motion. For a good quality time lapse video the camera should be completely still. Now you can use Time Lapse Apps for Smart Phone Cameras and create your own time lapse video. This app is available free for android and iOS. For good result switch on the charger and keep your Smart phone camera on tripod.

4. Additional Modes
Standalone camera provides more features than smart phone camera. For example: Standalone camera has smile detection feature that capture photograph on its own as the person smiles. Similarly the self timer and multiple scene modes, such features are also not supported by smart phone cameras. But now it is up to if you want your smart phone camera to have such features, than we have two apps for smart phone cameras which provide additional modes. For iOS device you can use iBooth application, it provides self timer utility. For android you can use Pixel-o-Matic apps, it provides smile shot mode and beauty shot mode.

5. High Speed Burst
Burst mode helps to click more than more images at a time. Burst mode provides many options for same scene. You can make a choice from them and select the one you like most. If your smart phone camera does not have this feature then do not worry. We have two apps for smart phone cameras which provides burst modes. For Android phones, you can install Axe Application, it is available free. In this app you can select that how many images you want to capture while using burst option. For iOS you can use Camera Awesome app, it is available free as well. With burst feature it also provides sharing feature.

6. Animation
With stop animation you can provide motion to the still images. For this you have to capture images from different angles and after that join them in such a sequence to create the illusion of motion. For iOS users, there is one such app – Stomo. It is available free for iOS.
Use these apps for smart phone cameras and make your photography an ultimate experience. These applications increase the utility of your phone camera.


  1. I like Fun Photo Filters which help to improve the quality of images which are captured by our camera.This app helps to add effects to our pictures or images.

  2. I like panorama and photo filter options. I think 360 panorama and Powercam Apps will give me a better experience for my android phone. I am definitely going to download it on my Huawei Ascend for smart phone camera.

  3. Hey buddy, Time Lapse was the new thing for me and I really appreciate your work for sharing this with all of the readers. I’m definitely going to download it on my Xperia P. Let see how it works. Cheers 🙂


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