Are Your Applications Compatible with Different OS

Are your Applications Compatible with different OS? Are your system apps able to synchronize with different OS platforms like Windows, MacOS and Androids? These are a few important questions you have to face whenever you change or upgrade our systems. As and when we upgrade or change the system, starts facing problem in accessing many applications which are already installed in our old systems. As these applications are either not compatible with different OS or the upgraded version of your system does not support them. Because of such problems, either we stop using those applications or install some other apps with almost same functionality. But, in either case we have to suffer lose of some important data and time as we have to set up all things from starting. Now you will find many OS Compatible Applications in internet world. These applications are designed and developed in such a way that they work fine on any platform without any bugs and errors.
To save your important data as well as time, spend some time to know and study the applications description before installing it your system. It is very important to know – Are your applications compatible with different OS? Here I am sharing few app compatible with all platform either you are using Windows or MacOS.

List of Applications Compatible with Different OS (Windows, MacOS and Android):

1. Microsoft Office 365 : this application is also known as best document editor. Office 365 costs approximately 3300 INR per annum. Microsoft updates it with security patches. It also provides some add-on offers. Microsoft Office 365 application interface is very easy and user friendly. It is very popular among schools and offices. Microsoft Office 365 app consists of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, One Note and Outlook. Microsoft Office 365 app runs smoothly on Windows MacOS and Android as well.

2. GIMP: GIMP is a free photo editing Application. It provides many professional photography level features. GIMP includes all features of Adobe Photoshop. It supports multiple images formats. If you love editing your images then GIMP is best image editing app which is compatible with all OS.

3. LastPass: Everyone has accounts on various sites with different passwords. To remember each and every password manually is not possible. For this, we need password manager, LastPass is a free password manager app. Its interface is very interactive and easy to use. It also helps to change the passwords, if we wish to. This app synchronizes with any browser and device with different OS. LastPass provides you one master password, user have to remember that password only. This app keeps safe all your passwords and help to login to different websites without resetting or remembering long list of passwords.

4. VLC Media Player: VLC Media Player is a popular, infact one of the favourite player of windows user to run media files. Previously VLC is compatible with windows based end users; now it is available for different OS platforms (MAC and Android). VLC Media Player App is available free and it is cross platform multimedia player. VLC is capable of playing audio as well as video of any format. In this you can create your favourite play list also.

List of Applications Compatible with Different OS
List of Applications Compatible with Different OS

5. Anti-Virus : Mac is known for security reasons. Mac is more secure from virus and malware than windows. The reason behind that – the number of windows users are more as compared to Mac users. So windows are more prone to virus attacks. So security is very important when we are talking systems as we carried out many confidential things on system in a day. Anti Viruses helps us to keep our system from hackers. In market you will find many premium versions of anti viruses; you can buy and use them if your pockets allow. But in a case you like to have free and good antivirus in our system then you can download AVG and Avast, as these are free and compatible with different OS Platforms.

6. Prey Anti Theft: Prey Anti theft Application helps you to find your lost phone, laptop and tablet. In all anti theft app you have create your account. With Prey Anti Theft app you can manage three devices with a single account. MacOSX consist of one built in theft system named ‘Find My Mac’. Windows users get the same theft system with Windows 10. But for other OS, you will find many anti theft app that are free and compatible with various OS platforms. One such app is Prey Anti- theft. Prey is totally free and works properly on all famous OS.

7. Browsers: Most of the third party browsers like chrome, firefox, opera etc are compatible with almost OS platforms. There are no issues related to browsers compatibility. Infact you will not face any problems in using their add-ons and plugins.

8. CCleaner: Most of the operating systems store the junk files in temporary folder and files, cookies and leftover files. With the help of CCleaner you can clean your system from all the trash and junk files. CCleaner is a very famous cleaning tool which help to clean all the junk files stored in your drives and make your computer runs faster.


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