New Apple iPod – iPod Touch Fifth Series and iPod Nano Seventh Series

Features of New Apple iPod Series

Apple iPod is famous all over the world but most in America. Due its increasing popularity, Apple has launched two new iPod that are Apple iPod Touch Fifth Series and Apple iPod Nano Seventh Series. These two new Apple iPod’s have many new features.They are released on the same day when iPhone 5 was released that was on 12 September 2012.

Let’s have a Look to the features of these new Apple iPod:

1.  Apple iPod Touch (Fifth Series)
a)  Thin – 6.1 mm
b)  Weighs – 88gms
c)  Screen Display – 4 inch Retina Display
d)  Aspect Ratio – 16:9
e)  Processor – A5 Dual core
f)  Storage Capacity – 32 – 64 GB
g)  Available in multiple colors
h)  Lightning connector
i)  Wi-Fi
j)  Bluetooth
k) Video calling
l) Voice assistance
m) Charge Time – 4 hrs
n)  Release date – 12 September 2012
o)  Camera – 5 megapixels iSight( Make full HD video, Auto focus)
p)  Price – $ 299 (32 GB)
$ 399 (64 GB)
q)  Battery Backup – Audio Playback 40 hrs
Video Playback 8 hrs
r) Capability – 1080p HD video recording, Siri, Air Play Mirroring, apps, games, music, widescreen video, iMessage, Face Time, Game Center, email, Safari web browser, Facebook and Twitter integration, Passbook, Maps

Apple iPod Touch Fifth Series and iPod Nano Seventh Series

2.  Apple iPod Nano (Seventh Series)
a)  Thin – 5.4 mm
b)  Weighs – 31 gms
c)  Available in multiple colors
d)  Made up of Aluminium
e)  Able to play 720 pixels HD Video.
f)  Power, Volume Control, Play, Pause, Home buttons are available
g)  Use Bluetooth to play music in wireless speakers, Headphones, Car stereo
h)  Screen – 2.5 times bigger than previous iPod Nano’s
i)  Storage Capacity – 16 GB
j)  Release date – 12 September 2012
k)  Screen Display – 2.5 inch
l)  Charge Time – 3 hrs
m) Price – $149 (16 GB)
n)  Lightning Connector
o)  Battery Backup – Audio Playback 30 hrs
Video Playback 3.5 hrs
p)  Capability – Music, movies, TV shows, videos, podcast, audio books, photos, FM radio, Fitness Walk + Run support built in, Nike+ support built in.

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