Apple has launched iPhone 5

Apple has launched new iPhone (iPhone 5)  on 12 September 2012. Company has claimed that this Fifth iPhone in iPhone series is the thinnest, lightest and fastest (highest speed) as compared to other phones in the market. iPhone 5 have many such features that will not exist in any phone. Apple not only launched iPhone 5 but also released two new iPod in their series and surpirzed everybody.

Let’s have a look on iPhone 5 features :

1. Hardware
a) Have A6 Processor (faster cpu performance, faster graphics, better battery life).
b) Download app’s with high speed.
c) Email attachment with double speed than A5.
d) 8 hours browsing time, 8 hours talk time, 10 hours video playback time.
2. Camera
a) 8 megapixel isight.
b) Have back illuminated sensor.
c) Hybrid I-R filter.
d) Five element lens.
e) Low light mode.
3. Screen
a) 4 inch retina display.
b) Screen resolution – 1136*640 pixels.
c) Aspect ratio – 16:9.
d) Color resolution increased by 44%.
4. Design
a) Thin – 7.6 mm
b) Weighs – 112 gms.
c) Back of iPhone 5 is made of anodized 6000 series aluminum.

iPhone 5 features price release date comparison with other phones
iPhone 5 features price release date comparison with other phones

Limitations of iPhone 5 :

1. Does not have NFC (Near Field Communication) feature.
2. Does not support wireless charging functionality,
3. Until all iPhone app’s does not updated , the iPhone 5 screen will show black boundary on both sides, when runs an app’s.

Launch Of iPhone 5 in India:

iPhone 5 may be launched before or on Deepawali in India.

Comparison of iPhone 5 and others phone features in Market :
Feature iPhone5 Galaxy S3 Lumia 920
Weighs 112gms 133gms 185gms
Shape 123.8*58.6*7.6mm 136.6*70.6*8.6mm 130.3*70.8*10.7mm
Display 4 inch retina display 4.8 inch 4.5
Screen Resolution 1136*640 pixels 1280*720 pixels 1280*768 pixels
Processor A6 chipset 1.4 ghz Quadcore 1.5 ghz Dualcore
Operating System Ios 6 Android 4.0.4 icecream sandwhich Windows phone 8
Camera 8 megapixel isight 8 megapixel 8.7 megapixel
Memory 1 gb 2gb 1 gb RAM and 32 gb internal memory
Port Lightning 8 pin connector Micro usb Micro usb
Price 45,000 – 50,000 rs 43,180 rs 35,000 – 42,000 rs

If you like iPhone then you should know the features of iPhone 5 and I am sure that you like to read about it.


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