Know why Advertisements fear DVR(Digital Video Recorder)

We are all aware that DVR means Digital Video Recorder. With the help of DVR(Digital Video Recorder) the viewers can actually record their favourite serials, shows and programs to play it later on at the time as they wish and when they wish. The advertisements can be fast forwarded in the DVR(Digital Video Recorder). So are you also fed up by the numerous advertisements which are spoiling the happiness of viewing your favourite programs. Now the DVR(Digital Video Recorder) is the solution of this problem which scares away the advertisements. By using DVR(Digital Video Recorder) you can record your favourite programs and view it whenever you like.
People are getting more and more involved in social networking websites, mobiles, laptops and gaming which is increasing new hurdles for media planners day by day. The advertising companies are continuously dwelling on how to keep the viewers connected to advertisements but they are neither successful in keeping them connected nor getting a solution for it. Viewers are ignoring the advertisements by fast forwarding them as they never existed.

Digital Video Recorder A threat to Advertisements
Digital Video Recorder A threat to Advertisements

DVR(Digital Video Recorder) in India:

In India the concept of DVR(Digital Video Recorder) is still fresh. We still have many joint families with many family members who love to watch the programs together and enjoy it. So the facility of video recording is very suitable for such families and they are using it pretty well. Apart from breaking news and live sports there are no other programs which cannot be enjoyed stale, which is a major factor why people like DVR(Digital Video Recorder).
Let us check out some facts about India. In India there are approximately fifteen crore homes which have television. India has some where around seven hundred channels all together. The companies have invested almost 12000 crore rupees for advertisements in 2011. In 2006 the world had DVR(Digital Video Recorder) in only one percent homes, but in 2011 this figure has reached to 43 percent. India has DVR(Digital Video Recorder) in five percent homes.


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